Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Weeks

Sweet Pea is 10 weeks today...and weighs in at 10 lbs  :o)  I thought that was nice and convenient.  I am feeling MUCH better, thank you to everyone for your prayers and kind comments.  My supply also seems to be back up where it should be.

 My children on the other hand, had an awful weekend.  Poor Snug got a fever and cough Thursday and ended up ruining his perfect attendance for the year.  He is finally better today.  LMM came down with it late Friday night and had the worst fever of anyone-104!  Not fun.  Rosebud has been running in the 99's but nothing serious and no cough.  Perhaps she has been spared!

#1 was kind enough to let me go to church with Sweet Pea today while he stayed home.  I needed some adult time and to get OUT of the house.  Our church is doing a really neat study on Genesis, and I enjoyed the sermon quite a bit.

I also got to make a quick trip to Target where I purchased three pink almost ballet dresses for three special little girls to attend a wedding this summer (my two girls and their cousin Ivy).  Let me tell you, it was SO FUN to do that.  I rarely buy any clothing for my kids, my girls especially as we have really nice hand-me-downs we are blessed with.  When I saw these dresses and knew that they had an occasion I needed to get them something for...well I was giddy!

Sweet Pea is smiling more and more.  She prefers me ALL.  THE.  TIME.  which wears me out, but it is nice to be needed I suppose!  Throughout the day she will sit in her bouncy seat or lay in her boppy and look at hanging toys for a few minutes.  She'll even go in her swing for a morning nap.  But come 4:00pm WATCH OUT.  She is cranky.  I think that time of night has been hard on all of my kids.  Still is, actually.  I've heard it called  the witching hour.  It is when mommy turns into a witch.  Wait.  I don't think that is what that means!  :o)


CM said...

Oh yes, we know that time well! Actually, around here it was about 6PM. Oh well, it will get better. Love that second shot, so adorable! Glad you're doing better!

Sara said...

Glad you're feeling better! She's such a cutie!

Faith said...

I love seeing her smile!!!! As I'm sure you do too! :)

Melissa said...

So glad you are feeling better. She is getting so cute!! Well, she was pretty cute before, but her smile is beautiful. Glad you guys are getting to see it more often. Miss you guys!!

Jenilee said...

glad you are doing better!! we've been sick around here too. lots of runny noses!!