Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blustery Day

Awhile back I said I needed to post "Boredom Busters" but haven't been too good at doing so.  This is a scheduled post as when it is published I'll be heading off to Florida to meet my new niece, hang out with my brother and SIL, see my parents, and soak up some rays!

Today's Boredom Buster is tent making.  It is a crazy crazy thing.  My kids go crazy crazy when we do it.  But they LOVE it.  
 After we (read: I) set up the tent, they make it their mission to fill it with as many blankets.pillows/stuffed animals possible.  Then they all "cuddle".  Then they fight.  Then they knock it over and I have to set it up again.
 Totally worth it!
The secret to my tent, which I didn't photograph fully apparently, is to tuck the blankets into the couch, then stretch them to dining room chair.  I then use my clothespins to fasten the blankets through the rungs on the back of our chairs.  Works for us!

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CM said...

We do this too! And my boys do the same thing, they grab all their toys and animals and fill it up. I use the bottom bunk or dining room table as the shell, then use blankets as walls. And yes, I have to put it back together several times!