Wednesday, February 15, 2012

22 Months

Ah Rosebud.  She is one stylin' girl.  She loves her jewelry and anything sparkly/shiny/pink/glittery/frilly.  Her mama likes browns/jeans/sweatshirts/crocs.  We may just be polar opposites in the fashion world.  
Rosebud now can quickly and quietly take off her clothing.  She loves to be down to a diaper (and apparently BabyLegs...those stayed on).  She completely accessorized herself also.  

 She wanted her picture taken and kept saying "cheese"!
She is a total ham and attention seeker.  She loves the camera.  
 When she wants to be.
 But there are other times.  Like when I was trying to take her 22 month pictures.  That she is NOT feeling it.
 Not one tiny bit.  And nothing you can say is going to change her mind.
But wait a few minutes, and she'll come around.  Too bad we now were on our way out the door and this is the only picture I could snap!

Rosebud is 31.5" tall and weighs 21 lbs, 0 oz.  We are having some problems with her digestive tract (I know, surprise, surprise) and investigating what the problem could be.  We had trouble with her about a year ago and then it seemed to get better.  As of probably November we've been having problems on and off...mostly ON.  As of this morning she is gluten and dairy free.  We already cut out fruits and veggies (many of which we thought were the culprit but may not be).    I am just praying it isn't dairy.  I can deal with gluten.

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Deb said...

She's so pretty! She's the girl version of Tristan. He also undresses faster than anyone as long as he doesnt get stuck. Except babylegs. Those ALWAYS stay on him, too! HE can get dressed- sometimes except his shirt (depending on which one and his mood)- including shoes. HE also loves accessories. May be a problem though. For he is not a girl. hahahahaha
I hope you figure out her digestive issues. We're back wondering with Danica again... never ends!