Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HFCC Zoo Walk 2009

This past weekend the boys and I traveled to Michigan for the second annual Zoo Walk. It took place at the Detroit Zoo, and despite some yucky weather, we had a great time. THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored the walk, and a personal thank you to those of you who sponsored James (and me). I may or may not have made James make phone calls to ask for sponsors. Somehow he is just way better at that than his mommy.
A few of these girls are in my CILT (campers in leadership training) group. It was good to see them, and I am looking forward to their visit in October!

Before the walk there were games for the younger kids, face painting, and lots of bagels and apples for all the pregnant women who need to eat every 30 minutes anyone who needed a snack. I have to laugh at this picture. First I laugh because of course Snug picked a pink heart for his face. Secondly, the girl painting his face is about the exact age I was when I took care of her as a little one at camp. Her mom was the CILT counselor at the time and she was a little younger than Snug is here.

Pop Pop was in a wheelchair for most of the walk because he had knee surgery today. He is just fine, and should start feeling better everyday. Baby J was glad to sit on his lap and have a ride while enjoying an apple.

Our two mile walk wasn't even completed before the other walkers finished, went back to the festivities, and then caught back up with us again to get a better view of the zoo (many things were closed when we first were walking because they let us in early before the zoo actually opens). I blame part of that on the fact that we had two children, a wheelchair, and a large wagon. My mom thought perhaps a bigger part of the blame could have been that I stopped to take a ton of pictures. Hmmmmm :o)

I didn't remember very much about the zoo, although I can think of at least three times that I went growing up. I did remember this fountain.

Part of the pictures I kept stopping to take were pictures of people standing next to the signs that told the walkers which way to go. I was asked to try and get them so the sponsors could have "thank-you pictures" along with their thank-you notes.

One of the perks of being there early, before the zoo opens, was seeing some of the animals eat. I don't know what this Tiger's breakfast was...but it was big.

A big monkey. I read all the signs the signs as I wrestled Baby J to sit down in the wagon, tried to be of assistance to my dad, took pictures of sponsor signs, and chatted with my mom. Therefore, I know that this is technically called a big monkey...or something.
This IS a gorilla. I'd swear on that one.

I'm not sure Snug even saw the rhinos, because they blended in with the rocks so well. I got some good pictures because my camera has a ginormous lens on it.

We also got to see the zookeeper feed the Lemurs. They were so happy to see her they were screeching and jumping all over. One of them took up residence on her back as she tidied up the cage.

Oh, look who is sitting. Pay no attention to the fact that Baby J's apple is snuggled very close to my Crocs. If you were to have an aerial view, they were not in fact touching, I assure you. You can also observe that we took no less than 5 umbrellas with us. We didn't have to use them a whole lot as it mostly was misty and not a whole lot of downpour.

And we saw a giraffe. This is where Baby J threw his apple on the ground and then wanted it back. Um...no. I think this is also the point where my mom and I were starting to get really really tired of walking/pushing/pulling. She was a very good sport.

The bears were not very active, but at least Snug knew what they were. However, I must point out that he was WAY more interested in the small plastic snake he had won as a prize while doing games earlier in the morning. Who needs live animals when you have a 20 cent snake?

After we had lunch, let Snug play on the really cool playscape, and Pop Pop went home (being in a wheelchair at the zoo in the rain when your knee is killing you was not on his top ten list in life), my mom and I took the boys to see the buildings we had missed (were closed) on our initial walk. This is the amphibian house.

Snug enjoyed the larger than life metal animals.

At one point we stopped to have a quick snack of craisins (thanks A. Kim) and pretzels. I may or may not have lured this duck really close to us for a quick photo op. I'm not sure you are supposed
to feed the wildlife (I KNOW you can't feed the zoo animals...but this was just out and about) but I didn't see any signage saying otherwise...

There were lots of nice gardens throughout the zoo. At one point it warmed up to the point where jeans and a long sleeved shirt sufficed.

They have a really neat seal and polar bear exhibit. Snug is walking through the tunnel.

Baby J is wishing he could go for a swim.

The zoo was very nice, but both boys were more than ready for a nap. Baby J even caught a few winks snuggled up with Pop Pop's cane. If you'd like to learn more about Huron Forest Camp Cherith please feel free to check them out. And write a check if you'd like :o)


All Things Family said...

Great zoo pics! Love the one of Baby J sleeping in the wagon! TOO CUTE!

Amanda said...

OH my gosh... so many great pictures... so many great memories made... and way to go on the walk!!!

Your kids are so cute. Like. Really. Super duper cute. And photogenic!!


MelArcile said...

The two things I distinctly remember from going to the zoo as a kid were the rhino out by the gate and the fountains with the bear statues (which, from what I can remember, used to be right by the bears). Looks like you guys had fun!