Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Baby J has started to imitate things he sees more and more, which is so encouraging. His language development has completely stopped and verbal communication has been going backwards at this point, but in other areas, he is doing great! I am trying not to put all of my eggs in one basket, but I am hoping that when he gets his tubes in (date TBD) his language and communication will pick right up and catch right up. We are trying to sign with him, but he wants nothing to do with it. It makes him frustrated and he shuts down.

However, he does like to do what everyone else is doing and is very proficient at things like stacking rings on his rack-a-stack, putting a ball into a toy, and running a car on the floor with "the boys". I get a kick watching he and Snug play together.

This is Snug at 20 months, and this was one of his favorite activities. I blogged about this particular day here.
So this little boy was sitting so nicely on the deck today (so sorry to my Michigan friends who are experiencing WAY too cold of weather for early September) watching Snug and Little M do acrobatics in the yard and on the jungle gym. He decided to try some tricks of his own.

First you do this...and if you don't fall... can do this! I was so proud of him. And look at those chunk legs :o) Baby, you've come a long way!
Little M, Snug, and I had school again today. We will be doing it two times a week. I can't believe how much you can get done in a 30-40 minute time period when you only have 2 kids to teach. No wonder true homeschool kids (although I am "homeschooling" these guys for preschool this year, at this point I have no intentions of homeschooling) are done with their work in 2-3 hours.
Today we:
Reviewed from Monday
Did calendar time
Read/talked about a story (10 Apples Up on Top)
Sang a song ("Aa" Sound song)
Learned a Poem (Way Up High In The Apple Tree)
Painted (apple prints)
Practiced cutting
Had a snack (A is for Apples you know!)
Did a workbook page (drawing straight lines)
Did 1-1 counting to 10
Did a Bible story (A is for Abraham)
Put a sticker on our chart (For doing your best!)
That many things in my kindergarten class, back when I taught kindergarten, would have taken at least 2 hours or MORE to complete. Crazy. We also went to the library where we learned about things that are green and live in a pond. My boys were very into that theme today!

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MELISSA said...

Haha Cute! :) I love the chubby legs - way to go baby J! Sounds like you had a busy busy day!