Monday, September 28, 2009

Stay Tuned

I have great pictures from the Huron Forest Camp Cherith Zoo walk this past weekend.

I have one very mobile and crazy one year old.

I have a three year old pushing every button I have.

I have one little baby growing very fast inside of me making me want to eat/not eat/eat every 20 minutes.

I am so tired I could just fall over about half of the time, and end up on the couch the other half.

I have become terrible about posting...but please forgive me as I fall asleep on my keyboard!

(Actually I spend too much time reading other people's posts and run out of time for my own!)



Amanda said...

lol your forgiven!! I say that when you are pregnant you can get away with ANYTHING.

Hope life eases up on ya a bit...

Many blessings!

suzannah said...

congratulations and blessings, jenney! so exciting:)