Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kicking and Screaming

Hardly anyone would believe me if I told them about the amount of kicking and screaming that have been going on around here lately. My husband would. My mom would. Other than that, I'm sure that no one can imagine the amount of awfulness that can come out of this house. Isn't that uplifting? I thought so.

Look at that boy. Sitting nicely with the pumpkins we accidentally grew in our garden. All happy to be helping mommy out by carrying them to the front porch. That boy? Throws fits and is sassy?

Or how about this little cutie. Could it be that he is a champion hissy-fit thrower that his therapists have given the nickname His Majesty High Maintenance? Oh my, just look at that adorable face.

Oh look, here is a picture of Baby J right before he got his tubes in...he was on happy medicine, so he was pretty congenial. I would like happy medicine here at home. Just a dose or two a day would be fine. Seems how it was Valium (spelling?) and Tylenol, they weren't selling it at the gift shop.

But the kicking and screaming don't stop with those two. No sir. I feel I am doing my own fair share. I am moving out of my home kicking and screaming. Not literally, although my muscles and back and feet are indeed shrieking inwardly at me. I love my house. Really really love it. However, either we have to sell the house or a child. Now, there are moments during the kicking and screaming that the choice seems pretty obvious...but then reality hits and I realize that probably keeping the children is a better option in the long run.

Don't tell Snug that his hide isn't on the auction block for real. Although I {seriously} would never tell him I'd give him away or sell him to the highest first bidder, I wouldn't mind him having the fear that he will be next in a garage sale if he spouts the words "mommy, you drive me crazy" or "No, I won't" or better yet "Just stop it. You are not my boss". Oh that burns me up. We have done the corner, the spanking spoon, and are about to try soap (not liquid, liquid soap is toxic if ingested FYI). His mouthy fits are going to put me in an early grave. And I nip it in the bud...every time...and it isn't going away.

On a happy note, our garage sale last weekend went really well, and our house is starting to shape up. I feel like the sloppiest pig of a person as I use Q-Tips and toothpicks to get the grime and dust out of every crevice. How on earth? How did this house get so bad? Moving or no, this had to be done so that my children didn't get the black plague! I can't believe I never realized how dirty my house was. EW. People hire me to watch their children! The health department could have shut me down as a daycare or as a mom, either one I'm sure! My husband assures me that everyones' house is like this, and that people don't move everything out of the cupboards/garage/basement/drawers weekly to inspect for filth. It makes me feel a little better...but instead of our "to-do" list getting shorter, it seems to loom larger daily!

We had 15 people in this house sleeping all at once, so that should be a selling poing when we put the house up for sale, don't you think? Our basement was wall-to-wall people, but we did all survive the weekend. My mom and dad also installed a new light fixture in our dining room and painted our kitchen (THANK YOU!)

My chiropractor is quite sure I got my awful migraine two weeks ago was from doing too much too fast while pregnant. He would like me to have less stress in my life. And after I finished laughing and picking myself off his exam floor upon hearing that, I hurried home to make sure we were doing well on our "list".

As far as pregnancy goes, I am feeling better than I ever ever did with the boys...like better than I ever did the entire nine months seven/eightish months carrying either of them. I am SO tired all the time, and do have some tummy trouble...but other than that I am doing well. My face is breaking out like I am 13, but I'll take that over praying to the porcelain god 23 1/2 hours a day. Ah, those were the good days.

So I realize this post is dripping with sarcasm, but really we are blessed. Getting ready to sell our house is one of the hardest things we have had to do in a long time. Hours and hours of work and decisions have been involved. Baby J really is doing well after his surgery, we have been able to tell a big difference in his hearing (speech hasn't changed much, yet). The only set back is putting ear plugs in his ears for a bath. That has made one of his most enjoyable times of the day, one of his crankiest. Aside from being super mouthy, Snug has done very well through all of these transitions. He really does want to help in any way he can, and was very polite about selling quite a few of his things. #1 is working very hard...right now he is scraping the soffits (spelling?) and getting ready to paint them.
Whew...so that is what is going on with the Drays, today.


Amanda said...

You are a wise woman.


And wise. :)


Megan said...

So sorry things are so crazy at your house! I will be praying for you guys!

Deb said...

You should come see how tightly we are about to be squeezed into our house (in the next week or so) and you wont feel so bad about yours. Dont stress yourself too much getting ready to get out- baby and mama come first, ya know! I'll be praying for you though! And I'm so glad (/jealous) that you are feeling well for the most part for this little one :)

Beth Irish said...

Thanks for your most recent prayer letter. I don't have that much detail for a lot of the people on my list. Your boys are delightful and you know some of us would take them in an instant -- as if you would ever part with them. Wish we lived closer so we could help out. Love, AB

Kim M said...

Wow - what do you do in your spare time? Oh, yeah, you probably don't have spare time! jk
Please be careful not to push too hard, your baby and your health are oh so much more important than your list!

Cindi said...

(((( Jenney )))))) Kids can be quite the challenge, especially when they discover that sinful, defiant nature that seems to pop out. Just keep being the wise, consistent mom that I know you are. This too shall pass and then it's off to something else. :) As far as your house, TRUST me, your house is sooooo much better than others I have seen. You know I live just a few blocks away. You can call me to come help you sometime. Oh, I'm confused. Have you figured out where you're moving to? Like I said, I'm confused. :) Take care and many hugs.