Monday, October 26, 2009

On A Happier Note...

In my last post I highlighted many of the struggles we have been having lately. Life has been, well, chaotic to say the least. However, we are still having moments of sanity that I thought I'd share.
Today I took it upon myself to try and rake the front yard. I love that we have maple trees. I grew up with oaks, and those leaves are heavy and course and not so easy to rake. Maple leaves, on the other hand, are light and fluffy and crunchy nice. The raking might have been a bit easier, but I had one toddler and 3 preschoolers "helping".

It was bright and sunny and in the 60's...a perfect day to get some outside work done. I'm a little bummed that the realator's photographer will be getting pictures of our house in the late fall when there are no leaves on the trees and my flower beds are looking...sparse. I'm not too vain about my yard, trust me, but fall is not the best season to photograph it. The inside though is decorated in my favorite oranges and browns for the season, so on that side of things I feel I am putting my best foot forward.

It really was a great day for demolishing everything Miss Jenney raked jumping in piles of leaves with friends.

So I'll leave this post on a happier note than the one before...sunny skies, warm temps, crinkly leaves, and two of the most handsome little men I know :o)

P.S. it was SO SO NICE to not have my daycare on the road. We stayed home all day! WAHOOOO! We had pancakes for breakfast, had preschool, played outside, and didn't turn on the TV one single time! What a great day!


Amanda said...

It is truly looks like a beautiful day. Hope you are well!

Those pictures are great!


Megan said...

What cute boys you have!

CFMama said...

I think Autumn photos outdoors are my favorite. I love the colors and the leaves, and your pictures just reaffirm this. Any baby bump photos coming? =))

All Things Family said...

Cute! The boys are getting SO big!