Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Want To Buy My House?

I took a picture after we finished raking today in the front of our house...just in case the realtor's photographer (I think I spelled realtor wrong yesterday...) really doesn't get here until that tree in the back is all bare and skeleton like. That and my Weeping Cherry tree is about done having any leaves/color. I just figured it couldn't hurt to have a picture with it looking not all dead. We'll see if it gets used or not. Don't those soffits look nice? Great job #1!


CFMama said...

It is a beautiful tree...I would buy your house looking at this picture.

Amanda said...

Wondeful job!! Is this a ranch style?? I have ALWAYS wanted a ranch style!

Cobi said...

Nice Pic! Where's your neutral density filter? Thou shalt have blue sky in all your pictures when you use the proper polarizer :) I want to try some things I learned in a recent Photoshop class, can you send me the original?
Hope your day is great!