Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Night

Because daddy usually works on Halloween and can't go Trick-or-treating with us, we have Pumpkin Carving Night on one of his night's off closest to Halloween.
Pumpkin carving night consists of carving pumpkins (shock), watching The Great Pumpkin (Charlie Brown) on TV, and eating roasted seeds, pumpkin donuts, and cider. Snug has the string to his first yo-yo in his mouth. A kind neighbor gave he and Baby J a bag of Halloween goodies*. There is a reason 3 year olds don't normally have yo-yos!

Sorry about all the red eye, I didn't remember to turn it on until it was too late. I can edit it out later before I print, but wanted to get these up. Snug liked to pull out the pumpkin guts ok, but kept putting the seeds in the trash! NO NO! We EAT those Snug! He was so confused as to why on earth we'd be eating those.

Baby J did not enjoy pumpkin guts. We kept giving him some, and he'd give us a icky look and shake it off his hand. It kept him busy, anyway.

Snug had told me he wanted a "nice" face, and not a "scary" face when I started carving. When I got about 1/2 way done with the mouth he said "now make it scary". No can do, kiddo. It is one or the other.

So here is the finished product. Even though we probably won't be doing very much Trick-or-treating, this pumpkin can sit on our porch and greet other beggars. We actually went a few nights ago to a local nursing home that hosts a little kid (non-scary) beggar's night and that was just about enough for me. We'll probably go to a couple of close neighbors and then be done. Snug gets hardly any candy (as in 1 or 2 pieces a month) and Baby J has only had a sucker during his first haircut. We recently cleaned out a cupboard that had Halloween candy in it from last year. It got tossed. About 99% of candy that our kids receive is thrown away. Really not worth the dentist bill.

*You should have seen the bags of goodies the kids got. They each got toothbrushes, festive kleenex, we got a Snoopy first aid kit, plush pumpkin, coloring book and colored pencils, pumpkin cookies, the yo-yo, and Goldfish crackers. Snug must think Christmas and Halloween are one in the same!

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Amanda said...

I am so with you!! I do not like my kids eating any candy... parades and halloween are fun to collect, then mom gives it all away!