Monday, April 12, 2010

Affordable Kid's Clothes

I thought this week's prompt: Affordable Kid's Clothes was interesting for Mama Guilt Monday...because I am a 90% hand-me-down, thrift store, garage sale mama. And I feel no guilt :o) But I can write about it anyway! Click on the logo above to read other mom's feelings on the subject!

This is Snug at a wedding #1 was in back in October. 100% hand-me-downs, right down to his underoos. Yep, we use hand-me-down underwear. I don't see how once it is washed it is much different than a shirt.

Both Snug and Little Monkey Man (pictured here) wore this their second Halloween. I bought it for $1.49 at Goodwill. The shoes are from Once Upon A Child.

Our outdoor summer play clothes are almost all from garage sales or friends who have given us hand-me-downs!

Garage sale! (The BabyLegs I did buy new) Even our diapers are probably 50% from Craigslist.

Our Easter/Christmas outfits are almost always 100% from two families who generously hand things down to us. I am so grateful to them for all the things they have shared. We have two families that we now give bags of clothes to, and when we find out that Hannah is for sure a girl, I have so many more things to hand down, sell, donate.
Do I like to buy my boys clothes at "real" stores? You bet! I have a particular soft spot for Children's Place and Gymboree. However, I probably spend $50 a year in retail stores on their clothes/shoes combined. I spent $6.75 just this past weekend on a tie (Wal-Mart) for Snug (#1 is in another upcoming wedding) and shoes (Goodwill) for Little Monkey. Let me tell you about the shoes...they are "Lightning McQueen", a big favorite around here, and they light up. I don't think they had ever been worn before. I could have spent $12-$15 on similar shoes new, but why? They were bought to be play shoes!
So nope, I have NO guilt about how I dress my kids. They always look nice, and really they probably dress better in other people's recycled things than if I went to the store and bought them myself...because I can't afford the name brands that they wear daily!!!!


Jenilee said...

me too! I can't imagine the cost of buying new clothes for each child! and, I love sharing clothes because others share with me. It is such a blessing. and, I want the girls to grow up being ok with it! so far, so good!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i LOVE hand-me-downs! we haven't had to buy almost anything for either child.

the more i learn, the more i'm realizing that secondhand is not just thrifty, it's one of the best things we can do for the planet!

producing and transporting new consumer items uses a LOT of energy and water and offgasses so many chemicals. secondhand is stewardly and green:)

my sister won't by anything new that isn't organic or fair trade, and most of her clothes and home decor are vintage. she looks amazing and different than everybody else--another plus:)

MamaBear said...

You took the words right out of my mouth Jenney! I added up what the kids wore for Easter Sunday and the total cost for a Gymboree Dress, tights, dress shoes, Sam's Gap sweater, T-shirt, Dress pants and Merrell shoes was: $8.80 - half of which was Julia's shoes at Once Upon a Child.

Only two weeks until the big garage sale weekend here in BearCountry. Can't wait!

cupcakeliz said...

I LOVE going thrift stores..I like to find that one great buy-like Monkey's shoes...when it comes to going to an actual store, I loathe it! The prices keep me away from the mall, and while I like Walmart's Garanimals line, it adds up! If I can find stain-free, cute, and fitting clothes for 25 and 50 cents a piece at a garage sale, I'm more than happy to give the money to a fellow mom who could use it!
There's no shame in doing what is best for your family and the environment! :D

Megan said...

We have this awesome consignment event 3 times a year here and that is where I buy all the kid's clothes. Although I must admit as Matthew gets older it is becoming much harder to find bigger boys clothes because boys tend to be quite hard on their clothing, haha.

CFMama said...

Aren't hand me downs the greatest? I love the used clothing even more than the brandy new stuff because it has a much softer feel to the fabric.

Cop Mama said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE all these photos of your kiddos! So adorable!

I totally agree! I wasn't really sure how to tie in the topic to Mama Guilt, because I don't feel guilty saving money and buying used. But it all worked out! :-)

I hope you're feeling well. Keep us all posted!

Thanks for linking up and sharing YOUR story!

Rebecca said...

Hi Jenny, you get great hand-me-downs, those suites are great! I'm guilty of the same. I'll use it if it fits! Stopping by from Guilt Mama Mondays ~ The Blessings of Modern Domestication.
Congratz on the new move by the way. Sorry I didn't get around to saying so sooner.