Thursday, April 8, 2010

Moving Summary

We moved! If you need our new address, please contact me and I can get that to you. "Everything" was moved on Friday, and we didn't require any extra help on Saturday like we had anticipated. There were still some little things (trash cans, my pots and pans **how did I not pack those???** etc.) that we went back on Saturday and got, but mostly everything was moved and set up by Friday night!

Here are some pictures I took on moving day. This is the boys' room.

And the kitchen...

...and the living room. Thanks to my mom, none of these rooms look even remotely like that anymore. 90% of the boxes are unpacked on the main level. I have 10 boxes left to go through in the living room/dining room area. The garage is almost cleaned up (we had a shed at the other house and not here, so storage is a little tricky) but the basement. Oh my, the basement. That will take months. Years. An eternity.

My job was directing traffic, and letting my mom know where I wanted things in the kitchen. My MIL watched the boys in the backyard during the move, so they were entertained and out of the way. Not that little boys would be in the way during moving :o)
We couldn't have done the move without all the help we had. We had friends from both our old and new church, and family members here. They worked SO hard.

When I take more pictures of rooms done, I'll post them...for now I will just say we are in and living at the house. No baby yet...I feel better everyday so maybe I won't have her for another 2 months, who knows. I have more energy today than I have had in a month. I also have lots of Easter pictures to post, look for those tomorrow!


Megan said...

Glad you are all moved in!

Amanda said...

You guys are all moved... YEAH!! Now to just get that baby born and life can really get crazy!


Kim M said...

Thanks for the update - soooo glad you were able to get moved before little one makes her appearance!