Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Egging

Snug has been talking about "Easter Egging" since the first plastic eggs starting appearing on store shelves, back the day after Christmas. For the last two years he has gone "Easter Egging" at #1's mom's work. This year she had to work, so the kids didn't go. (#1 would have taken them...I'm not to go more than 30 min. or so from our hospital) It probably was a good thing seems how Snug has won the first prize, a large Easter basket, the last two years. He really had to let someone else win :o)
The day we moved Snug got his first round of Easter Egging in. Because the kids didn't get to hunt eggs with them last Saturday, #1's parents brought eggs and hid them around the yard. You can see that Snug got quite a few of them. He was so thrilled!
In fact, he got all but two of them. Because that is all Little Monkey wanted to gather. After that, he was quite satisfied. He had one for each hand. And he even kept sharing with our dogs. Chester was more interested in Little Monkey than his candy stash, but no matter.

When prompted to go find more eggs, it was not happening. "No thanks!" I'm sure was his exact answer, but it came out in the screaming and stomping of feet. He was truly satisfied with one egg for each hand and his two trusty dogs (Lucy didn't get photographed...not sure how I missed her).

I couldn't find the kids' Easter baskets for the hunt, so I grabbed a couple of regular baskets from the living room stack of boxes. Little Monkey wasn't about to carry a basket either. Snug really lucked out this year, huh? I doubt the competition will be year!

The next day we had discovered our "Easter box" and I had the kids' buckets. We don't do Easter egg hunts or bunnies or the like on Easter. In fact, we have always done it the weekend of Palm Sunday, but this year I was a bit...busy. So Saturday morning I gave the boys their buckets. They each got a book, 2 Cars vehicles, boxes of raisins (Grandmommy) and 4 eggs with candy (gluten free). They each had a couple of Skittles, but the rest is sitting on the counter and daddy has been eating it. The bunny Snug is holding up is from his very first Easter basket. I re-use it every year...but this year he has decided to sleep with it, so I don't think that plan will continue. He sleeps with an entire menagerie of animals. Pretty soon there will be no room for him in the bed!

Little Monkey's book was from the used book sale at the library. It was in great condition, and guess what? He likes is and listens to it!

The boys have cute matching shirts this spring. We got them from two families in two sets of hand-me-downs. And they are the right size for both of them. What are the odds?

Later that morning there was an egg hunt at church. Snug was very pleased to go Easter Egging again. He didn't get quite the same number of eggs, but that is WAY ok. He even shared with some other kids. He was happier to give the eggs than to collect them. Sometimes he makes me really proud.

Here he is with a friend from his Sunday School class. They are moving in July, and we will miss them VERY MUCH. (sniff sniff Debbie)

I'm not sure how many eggs Little Monkey collected this time. Not very many. However, he was more egg savvy and knew there was candy inside. He popped an entire Hershey kiss into his mouth, wrapper and all, before either my mom or I knew what he was doing. She got the wrapper out, but the chocolate was gone. Thank goodness Hershey Kisses are gluten free (who knew?)
Actual Easter morning pictures to come...have to upload them from the camera.
Gluten Free Candies:
Hershey's Kisses (original)
There are many many more, but these are just a few. Even though there are lots of gluten-free candy options out there, Little Monkey doesn't even get candy unless he is having a haircut. He has a mean mom.


Nikki J Comer said...

Hey, nice post.
I love Easter because it is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.

Hope you had a Egg-ceptional, Eggs-traordinary Easter !!!


CFMama said...

Wow, Snug is quite the egg collector!!! His basket is overflowing!!!!

Love the picture with the dog too. It looks like they are staring each other down.

CFMama said...

Oh and Happy belated Easter!

Cop Mama said...

Aw, how fun! Look at your adorable kiddos! BTW, love Monkey Man's little sandals, way cute!

Take care and keep us posted!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahah..yep! You're SUCH a MEAN MOM!! ;) lol...The only time our girls get candy is Halloween, birthday parties, and at the bank. Not even Easter this