Friday, April 2, 2010

Moving Day 2010 (B) Day 1

Well, isn't THAT title nice and technical? You see, we've already moved in 2010. And today is our "official" move date...although between you and me, Hannah's room is all set up and ready to go, and the boys' room is 90% done too. #1 has been working very hard this week to get things moved over on his own.

I won't be able to check blogs or update this one (I don't think) because the new house won't have internet until Tuesday, and I'm not planning on sitting on the bare floor of the rental with my laptop.

Baby is staying where she is very nicely right now. I had a great day yesterday and was able to get lots done ***you know, putting sheets on little beds and hanging coats in a closet...don't worry, I'm OK!***. I think it would be very convenient for her to be born Easter Sunday, but we'll see. I keep sending her little vibes. :o)

Snug has been asking some questions and had some interesting comments about Jesus' death and resurrection lately. I wish I could write stuff down when he says it, but he is most chatty in the van while we are going somewhere. He asked me the other day to tell him the whole story, starting with the "trees" and "kozannah" (Palm Sunday). He asked me on Sunday if I could hear his class saying "kozannah" because it was "ve-wry loud"! I guess they did it with gusto.

He was not really very happy when I told him that people spit on Jesus. Sometimes Little Monkey spits on him (working on that) and it makes him really upset. I asked him how it would make Jesus feel and he said "I don't know, but mommy, tell Jesus to just wipe it off and keep playing". I'm not sure how much of the story he gets.

The nails at the cross were also of interest to him. While at a friend's house the other day at the playground (in their backyard! How convenient is that??) he found a large spike sticking out of the ground. It seemed like the best thing to describe to him what the nails would have been like. I think he was picturing little finishing nails for trim board and pictures! He wanted to know if it was very sharp, and I told him, yes. He decided he didn't want anyone to put one in him.

The best thing though, is he keeps telling me "mommy, Jesus is alive!" No matter what he understands of the story, I am so glad he understands that Jesus died and that He is alive. That is a great starting point for a 3 year old!

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, encouraging words, and comments. This whole moving/being pregnant/moving again/wheat-gluten adventure/raising children thing has been pretty stressful, but it has also been so neat to see what God has in store for us.


Cop Mama said...

Girl, you need to chill!!! ;-)

Have a good weekend and a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

Neat blog. I was thinking that Jesus did just that, wiped off that spit -- and all my spit when I don't honor him and keeps on going -- loving and forgiving me. What an awesome God -- and friend and etc. Love, AB