Wednesday, May 12, 2010

4 Weeks...But Not Yet A Month

Rosebud is four weeks old today, but will be a month old on Friday. That sounds funny, huh? Excuse the lovely red marks on her thighs, she was squished in her car seat for longer than any of us wanted today.
So far cloth diapering her has been a bit of a challenge because we only have enough cloth for a day at at time (if that), and laundry adds up quickly at this house. I am trying to do a day of cloth, a day of sposies. Other than that, cloth diapering is not hard with a newborn. (When is she not considered a newborn?) She has less leaks and blowouts when she is in cloth than disposables. It just isn't financially right for us to buy tons of tiny cloth diapers that she will grow out of and not be able to grow with (like one size diapers). So far we haven't bought any newborn disposables because we had some left from Little Monkey Man (LMM) and the hospital sent us home with tons.

Both Rosebud and LMM had a doctor's appointment today. She weighed in at 8lbs 1 oz and is 20 inches long. I wasn't surprised she was over 8 lbs, she eats all the time! Because of LMM's wheat-gluten intolerance they are going to keep a close eye on her weight gain-she could also easily have the same intolerance and then I would need to go off of wheat/gluten in order for her to be able to continue breastfeeding. So far so good, but LMM didn't show any signs of the problem until he was between 4 and 5 months.

I am trying to remember to put Rosebud on her tummy as much as possible. It isn't easy with two big brothers running around the house, but I try to get in a few minutes everyday.
Keep up the good growth little Rosebud!
LMM had his appointment today too and is starting his modified vaccination schedule. He wasn't thrilled to get a shot. In fact he wasn't thrilled to be there at all. We are working on transitions and putting him in new situations. When he isn't in control, he has a hard time functioning. This happens with lots of toddlers, but he (and other SPD* kids) have a particularly hard time in new situations if they haven't been prepped properly. I'm sure the next time he goes he will be even happier to be at the doctor now that he knows what might happen! After his appointment, he had his first center based session with his therapists. For the first time he met with them not at home. Although we had a few hiccups, he did rather well and will meet there once a month along with his home based activities.
Here's where I get controversial, so if you don't want to read controversial, don't read on :o) I don't want to step on toes, so please just know this is what our family is doing, and we don't push it on anyone else.
Although doctors and the American Academy of Pediatrics are adamant that there is no link between autism and vaccinations, many many parents believe something happens.
I strongly believe that it is a good thing diseases like polio have been eradicated in the United States due to vaccinations. However, we do not think that the regimen that babies go through is safe or necessary. We have voiced our concerns with our family doctor (the pediatrician wouldn't even give us the time of day back when we had one) and today had a really good conversation about our feelings. Our family doctor is on board with us delaying and spreading out the children's vaccinations. This means extra visits for us to the doctor, but no extra co-pays.
LMM's EIS* and therapists are also very much for his vaccines to be given slowly. He hasn't had any since he was six months old, but started again today. Although these people are not doctors, and they have to (legally) promote all children getting vaccinated...they also told us to proceed with caution. They work with SPD kids and kids on the autism spectrum daily. They do not take lightly the timing they have seen. Do vaccines cause these problems? In my opinion, probably not but I really don't know. Could they trigger them in some kids who are prone to these disorders? Who knows! Why not be extra careful and not give young children an onslaught of chemicals?
I think that each parent should do what they feel is right for their child when it comes to vaccinations. I also think that if a parent has a strong feeling about them they shouldn't be criticized. "Mother's Intuition" I do believe is a God given thing.
A great book to read if you want to know more is "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Robert W. Sears. He tells what the vaccine is, when it is usually given, how the vaccine is made, and what possible side effects are. He gives his opinion on each vaccine, but gives pros and cons for each. He is not anti-vaccinations and he is not pro-vaccinations. He is just getting the information out there as far as I can tell.
Well enough of all that, Rosebud would like to eat and I have laundry to do!
*Sensory Processing Disorder
*Early Intervention Specialist


CFMama said...

She looks so cute with her purple CD. I love it!! Don't worry too much between alternating between CD and sposies, give yourself a break, you are still recovering and don't need to be doing laundry like crazy yet.

And as far as my Moringa, I think I am going to purchase the powder from now on. It is so cold in NJ that is is more of a hassle and waste of space. Plus I need to convert my "plant"/computer room into a nursery soon enough. I figured I would see how much I can get out of the summer. =)

MelArcile said...

I cannot believe she is almost a month old. I need to meet this baby girl!!

Kim M said...

Loved the Rosebud update - cannot believe she is so big (I use that term lightly) already! I just now saw the updated bios on the kiddos, very cute. Loved LMM future predictions!!

Cop Mama said...

Oh, look at that purple little cloth diaper...she's so adorable!

Very good post. A couple thoughts:

1. Have you ever tried cutting out your cow's milk intake while breastfeeding? Both my boys had some issues and once I stopped drinking cow's milk and switched to rice milk, they were fine.

2. I think you already know this, but we don't vaccinate either boy. My DH, due to his profession, has done all the research and we feel it is the best choice for our children. Here's another book: "Vaccinations, A Thoughtful Parent's Guide" by Aviva Jill Romm. A bit heavy to read, but great info with lots of options for parents who are concerned about vaccinating their children.

You are such a thoughtful, involved parent.

Megan said...

Way to grow baby girl!

Jenilee said...

She is growing! and that purple diaper is adorable. :) We did have our girls vaccinated on time but I completely believe in our God-given intuition for our children's best interests and it can't hurt to go slow and wait!

what do you think of all this rain?? crazy, huh?