Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Weeks

Rosebud is 5 weeks old today. She weighs 8 lbs 10 oz, which is almost 2 lbs over her birthweight (6 lbs 11 oz.). Speaking of birthweight, I did the DUMBEST thing. I made her birth announcements, and put the wrong weight on them. Genius.


CFMama said...

Hehe, I would totally make the same mistake. Just another something to giggle at.

By the way she is growing SOOO SO fast and is as adorable as ever.

Kim M said...

Beautiful children - thanks for the update

Melissa said...

She's a doll and growing so fast already!

Cop Mama said...

Oh wow, she's getting so big! Love the little jeans!

Ok, seriously, I need to stop stopping by because your making me want a GIRL!!! ;-)

BTW, I took part I and part II of my Commander's exam yesterday and today. Part III is next Wednesday! Needless to say, my brain is mush! Anywho...that's what I've been up to.

Rebecca said...

I love the updates. Did you know we had our munchkins around the same time? My little guy turned three months on the 17th. Rosebud is so presh!
I made announcements with my first. No way was I going to do that again. This time we outsourced. Tired eyes can play tricks on you. Not to worry I'm sure no one even noticed b/c she is super beautiful!!

Jenilee said...

oh no! :) Don't you love mommy forgetful moments? I had one the other morning... I put my hair leave in conditioner on my face as lotions! Ah! :) I just laughed and washed it off. I couldn't believe I did that!

she is growing and looks so cute! what good big brothers :)