Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day For Daddy

As I type this, I am nearing the end of 30 hours by myself with the kids. I also took the opportunity to take the three of them out by myself. I can't believe I survived! I know so many moms who have three + children...they do this so gracefully. I'm afraid I don't!!!!
To drum up more support of their operational levy, the police and fire people had open houses yesterday for the community. Most of the guys/girls families were there, so I braved the elements (80 and cloudy with a breeze) and took the kids. Here is #1 repelling off the side of the city building.

He was representing the SWAT team. Snug was very proud. They had all their SWAT gear out on a table for people to look at, and I debated taking Snug's picture holding an AR (big old gun) but decided against it. We don't' encourage him to do anything with guns.

So he was pretty proud to have his boys there, and they like to see where daddy works. This event was the beginning of his 30 hours away. Then he worked a regular shift, then they switched to 12 hour shifts which his almost ran into each he caught a couple of zzz and went right back to work!

Daddy was really proud to show off all his kiddos, but I think he was pretty happy to have Rosebud there.

Our first family photo of 5 where I am DRESSED :o)

Seeing "woos" never gets old for this boy.
I love this picture. You can tell what a great dad he is to carry all that gear AND two boys who were tired of walking.


So I came up with some ways to get through the time when I am alone with the kiddos. It has been not the nicest weather, lots of rain, so outside time didn't happen. I kinda rotate where in the house we are. And I have a box of toys the boys can only play with when I am nursing (thanks A. Beth for the new goodies for the box). And I put Snug to work a lot. He likes to have "jobs" and I even sometimes pay him in pennies.
While I made lunch it was his job to read to Rosebud and keep her happy in the swing. She is generally very mild in disposition, but wanted to be held...and I only have so many hands. This made her very happy having her biggest brother right in front of her and her swing moving.

I just can't stop taking pictures of her. They say your second and third children don't get as many pictures taken as your first. I don't think that is going to be a problem.

However, I am quite sure that Rosebud and Little Monkey Man will not have the same baby book as Snug. Because I kept up with his monthly and poor LMM's hasn't even made it to his first birthday and he is nearly two! At least we HAVE the pictures :o)
Four and a half more hours to go. I can do this! (Especially since everyone is currently napping or resting and a friend is bringing dinner!)


Jenilee said...

This post is super cute. What a great dad! and I'm sure it is so much fun for the boys to see their dad doing all of those things! fun!

the switch to three is hard but you will get the hang of it soon! :) glad she is getting out more... let's get together soon! I'll email you. :)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I'm proud of you, that's a big outing!

Rosebud is precious--she's getting so big!

Cop Mama said...

Wow, what an awesome post! Love the pics, especially the proud papa holding his little girl! She is for sure going to be a daddy's girl.

Oh, and I love the pic of all 5 of you!

MONICA-LnP said...

great post and love the pics!