Monday, September 13, 2010


I'm not a photographer. Amateur would not even begin to describe what I do. But when the kids were finger painting today I wanted to share the colorful results. I love love love color.
They love love love to get globs of finger paint (this is Crayola washable, and it is super washable, otherwise they'd have on smocks) and go to it. No lines, no rules...just paint and hands and paper.

Finger painting is this sensory boys' dream. He loves the squish and the stickiness. (His SPD* is sensory seeking, not sensory averting)

Smish-Smash-Slap, the colors all start to blend and flow.
I love how their hands become a tye-dye masterpiece, much like their papers.

And not to be left out, this girl just wears her painting for her (yet).

*Sensory Processing Disorder


Jenilee said...

very fun! i should do that for the girls tomorrow. let them head outside and paint away! :) hannah is too cute!

CM said...

You are such a cool mom! Good for you for letting them just have at it!

Oh and look at that little pumpkin...she's so cute!

Christine said...

Hi Jenney! I love the green bow in Hannah's hair. :)