Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Little Sacrilegious...But...

My husband. My husband deals with many children on a daily basis. Not just ours, but others as well. And while we both love children (hence the three we currently have)...young children are challenging.

So the other day we are sitting out on the deck sharing a quiet moment together watching several small children run around the backyard with bats and hockey sticks and he turns to me. With a completely straight face he said to me "You know. If God really wanted Pharaoh to let the Israelites go the first time...he would have sent a swarm of pre-schoolers".

I about died. So I've been collecting some pictures to back up his not-so-Biblical-yet-kinda funny statement.
Things like Snug using this cone as a bull horn. Like he needs to be any louder.
Or this Draycare child trying to get this hockey stick stuck in our basketball hoopby throwing it in the air...when unsuccessful he decided to beat it against the pole. (Yes, yes, I stepped in...just had to get the picture.)

There's always driveway hockey...with a basketball.

Or the constant constant constant in and out of the house. For a drink. To go potty. To get their dirty little sandbox feet on the couch.
See the glass? Our broken microwave plate. Yeah, that can send a mom over the edge.

And the tears. Oh the tears.

Tears and time-0uts.

And this cookie tin which had eight sandwich creams...which someone (who will remain anonymous but cannot tolerate even a smidge of gluten) ate and then had diarrhea and all the fun that comes with it for a few days. The cookie tin had been on the back of the stove. Not sure how I didn't lose it-both upon discovery of him eating them in his bed (along with having a pair of scissors stashed in his mattress!) but with the diapers that followed.

There's regression into trying to be the baby...and getting all of the baby things dirty/lost/broken.

And there's jumping off a porch 100 times and hitting 2/3 of the parade goers as they walk by. Cause everyone loves a nearly 40 lbs kid hitting them without notice.
I am not even ready to blog about the BM and urine on my new IKEA rug.
Yep. A swarm of preschoolers really might have gotten Pharaoh to let them go early.
What has your preschooler done lately?


CrysRich said...

Ginny pulled my pants down today and laughed hysterically. Luckily we were at home and not in public!

Love your blog. We miss you guys but it is so nice to read/see about your lives online!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Ooh, the microwave plate. Those are expensive.

Emma has been the DRAMA QUEEN lately. Her latest is to scream, "It's RUINED!" and collapse on the floor in tears. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.

P.S. I'm glad you're my sister in Christ, too. :-)

CM said...

Hahaha! I'm seriously LOL!

Oh yes, I am totally with ya! That is my life too, my friend!

The tears...oh the drama!

Jenilee said...

laughing so hard at your post because I KNOW!!!!! the messes, the poop, the pee, the grossness, the sand, the dirt, all of it. been there.

my girls were having a sleepover last night and I guess Elayna ate a booger and made a big deal about how cool that was. she is 7 and sooo should be grown out of that! :)

Anonymous said...'s SO true!!