Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School Take 2

Last week I posted Little Monkey Man's first day of pre-school. Today I am (sniff sniff) posting Snug's first day of pre-kindergarten.
After a big day yesterday including a parade and picnic at a friend's house, the kids were out late watching fireworks. Snug was too excited about school to be tired, but I'm sure he'll crash when he gets home. Monkey is still going strong, and after this minor meltdown, Rosebud has adjusted too. Big naps for everyone? I hope so!
So he's off to pre-kindergarten.

He has three kids from church and one of my Draycare kids in his class. Across the hall are two more kids from our church, and yet another boy in the room next door. Here he is with one of his best buds...she is not quite as excited as he to be making this big leap.

Tired of pictures, he just wanted to get in there and get started! When I parked the van (after going the WRONG WAY to his school because I wasn't paying very good attention because I was trying not to cry!) Snug got a little worried. He immediately asked me "Are you going in with me????". Silly mommy was thinking "oh, he's going to miss me!". I told him we'd walk him in and then leave. He then clarified that I was not going to stay. After I assured him that we would all be leaving him there, he cheered right up. He even said "good!".

Ok, so everyone tried to get in the picture at this point; siblings, Draycare children. So that was the end of the pictures. I'm sure he'll have a great day. I'm not sure I can say the same for myself.


CM said...

Oh my goodness, he is so adorable! Happy first day of pre-Kindergarten to Snug!

Hang in there, mom. Soon, you will enjoy the quiet of the house with just you and Rosebud.

Anonymous said...

Awwww....it's my turn tomorrow! :( Gabba's first day of preschool is tomorrow and I'm so sad! lol....I know she's gonna be fine, but what about me!??!????! ;) lol...


Anonymous said...

Are you becoming a "Taxi" Mom? So glad James loved his first day! Grandmommy

Melissa said...

Haha love the first photo :) Hope his day went great! He looks more than ready!