Friday, December 17, 2010


This is post Number 550. And no I am not going to give 550 confessions, thankfully only the Lord has to hear that many from me. No, today is confessions about blogging.

I confess that I...

...move heaps of laundry or dirty socks or stray toys out of the way before I take a picture that might get posted.

...put up 3-4 posts at a time and schedule them (in Blogger click "post options" and then decide when you want it to go up) because I just don't hardly ever have time to post as often as I'd like just looks like I do!

...have some blogs that I enjoy more than others, but try to take the time to read all of them because I'm sure some of you who read mine don't really love everything I have to say either!

...try to write the nicer things about my family. Someday if they read this, which I highly doubt, I want them to have no doubt how much I love them.

...but on the other hand try to be honest too, because being a mom is tough. And my kids do/say some funny things. Even if it makes them look goofy.

...record my kids' milestones and accomplishments in blog form because scrapbooking gets away from me and I am REALLY far behind where I'd like to be. But I want record of what has happened.

...have the thought "this would be good blog material" when something unusual or extra cute happens in my life. tempted to put advertisements on my blog and see if I could make extra money but am afraid to do it. what others think about what I write, even though it really doesn't matter. It is my blog. But I am a people pleaser and I do care about others feelings so I try to keep that in mind.

...try to comment as much as I have time on other people's posts. Because it is nice to know that someone is reading!

Hope you all are having a good week. Enjoy your weekend!!!!


Jenilee said...

I have thought or done many of those same things! :) the confessions of blogging! :)

CM said...

Just like Jenilee, I have thought about alot of the same issues!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone! :) lol..I haven't even blogged or scheduled a blog for months.... :( I need to get off my duff!! ;)

Rebecca said...

what a neat post. Love your honesty. Pop back over and see pics of our 3rd birthday celebrations. Some cute pics. Thanks for following. Oh and for the record I totally move unsightly messes out of the way prior to clicking that camera pic. LOL Um, don't we all? he he
I've tried to schedule my blog postings and unfortunately some of them get posted right away (blogger glitch errr.) Like the one I just tried to schedule for tomorrow and posted tonight. That's blogging live I guess. Cheers!!