Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's the most wonderful time....of the year.
There are boxes for hidin' in...
...and bubble wrap for poppin'

see him poppin' right heeeeerrre!
It's the most wonderful time...of the yeeeeeaaar!
At least I didn't record my voice singing it. You're welcome.

Ok, check these out! I got this really fun idea from Family Fun magazine. We "got our subscription" from our doctor's office. The nurse (our Dr.'s wife) caught me taking phone pictures of ideas in it and told me the office gets 2 copies every month...and since we are such loyal customers (all 5 of us have the same Dr.) we could take one copy home with us each month (Rosebud goes every month to get 1 vaccine at a time)! How nice!

Anyway. These are recycled cereal boxes! They look like gift bags, but are cheaper and sturdier. They called them "baxes". I used ribbon I found at the Target dollar spot which coordinated with my gift wrap which is just wrapped around the boxes (with their tops cut off) as you would a normal gift. The top is open because the paper is tucked into the top and taped to the inside. I'm going to send the picture to Family Fun and see if I can get into their magazine! They often print pictures of things they've shown that people have tried. Fun!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

CUTE! I haven't had time to look at my issue from this month, I'm going to have to try this!

Jenilee said...

look at you getting all crafty! I love that! :) the baxes look great!

Jenilee said...

lol and I love that you were taking pics of the magazine with your phone :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this idea!!!! Your "baxes" look sooo adorable!!! Way to go!

Melissa said...

I heard about those from someone! Glad to know it worked out for you... I might just get a little creative and try it for myself here, one of these days when I have a little free time. :) Are we going to see you this weekend?!?