Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Be Gluten Free

It's just one
We had an "oops" over the weekend, and still not sure what happened. We had some diarrhea, belly pain, and all that goes with him getting wheat. Thankfully it was just a few hours instead of days. We know when he is actually sick and when it is the gluten...it has a smell. And look. Nough said.
Christmas parties (parties/get togethers in general) are always hard. He is a mooch and a scavenger. But at home he is gluten free and doing great. We are so grateful for all the GF options out there and for the freezer that was recently given to us. It is full of GF food (I cook full batches and freeze for later use), homemade baby food, and breastmilk.
Know someone who has recently been diagnosed with a wheat/gluten problem? Encourage them to contact me I have tons of resources...and I will be the first to help them out. It is a big undertaking. But it is well worth it.


CrysRich said...

Danny is in a "gluten-free" classroom at school. No food sharing, no treats for birthdays, etc. One of his classmates has Celiac. I wouldn't have known what gluten even was if I hadn't read your blog!

Jenilee said...

your blog looks so cute and christmasy! love it! and sorry that he had trouble over the weekend. :( not fun! I am adjusting well I suppose. The holidays are hard and it feels wasteful to buy too many GF things just for me. I did find some GF cookies on the sale cart at meijer for $1! they were 80% off because the box was torn. They also had a GF flour mix box for $3 because the box had damage. I got excited about that! :)

Jenilee said...

we have a girls night out at logans on dec 17 if you would be able to come! I'd love for you to come!

CM said...

He's such a cutie! Glad things are getting easier. You're such a good mom :-)