Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alphabitty Moments "A"

Thanks to Carrie for hosting Alphabitty moments!  I am taking pictures of a book I'm making in Shutterfly for my kids...whenever I get a free book again.  I can't seem to figure out how to just save a copy of the page I'm working on, so I took pictures with my camera.  That works too I guess!
Check out her blog and other people's moments!


Cobi said...

Mr. computer says:

Push the Pint Screen (probably Prnt Scr on your keyboard) then open your image editor (Paint works, though it is a terrible app) and paste in the picture you just took.

MamaBear said...

Mrs. Computer says:

If you use Picasa there is a folder for all of your screen shots (it's the 'fin' key on my lower left hand side of the keyboard pressed at the same time as the 'prt sc' button on the upper right hand side of my hp laptop) In the search bar of Picasa type "screen captures" and all of them will appear.

All that aside....I love that you told a story with so little words with this page. Of course the adorable photos help too :)

CM said...

Yes, I could use a screen shot. Then, open paint and copy it there. Save it to your photos.

Way cute page! I've been meaning to use a coupon I have for there, I think you've just motivated me! :-)