Thursday, November 3, 2011

What To Do On A Rainy Day...

I've added a new "label" to my sidebar (see bottom left side of blog) called "Boredom Busters".  If you live in a large area of our country, the next few months are sure to bring many inside days with little people.  My ideas are (usually) not new or unique to me, but I try to share some things that work for us!  

Welcome to anyone visiting from Jenilee's "Just Because Blog Hop"!  Glad you're here!  I"m Jenney, mom to three (almost 4) kiddos, and I run a home daycare.  My husband is a police officer, and I blog about that occasionally too.  Mostly though, about family life.  

Today's activity was one I had done with my remedial kindergarten class WAY back.  I was reminded of it though as my boys were vegged out watching Sid the Science Kid on Monday.  While I was laid up with my lovely bug, they watched as much TV as they would normally in two weeks.  All in the name of survival, I assure you!

 What you'll need:
Mixing bowl (I used a large measuring cup)
Measuring cups
Food coloring (optional)
 The recipe technically calls for equal parts water and cornstarch, but I really think it depends somewhat on the temperature you're working at.  Today we needed a tad more cornstarch.  Snug enjoyed using a 1/4 c. because we've been talking in homeschool about four quarters equaling a whole.  For those of you who didn't realize, yes I homeschool Snug as well as send him to the local public kindergarten.  His district only offers kindergarten two, sometimes three days a week, so we homeschool the days he doesn't attend.  It really has been the best of both worlds.
 Little Monkey Man was in charge of water.  We ended up using 1/2 c. water and nearly 3/4 c. of cornstarch.
Next the boys got busy mixing.  I should have put the food coloring in at this point, because by the time we did our slime was pretty stiff when mixed quickly (when mixed slowly it oozes nicely).  
Yep, it was messy.  Our table (and a little of my camera) had cornstarch all over it.  However, it cleans up VERY easy.  Just water and a washcloth.  We talked about how to make purple, as Little Monkey Man has been doing lots with colors in his preschool.  We used one drop of blue and two drops of red and it made a lovely purple color.  
I had the boys use the trays we use for grilling out (clean, of course) to play on.  Little Monkey Man lasted...about three minutes.  His sensory issues did NOT enjoy the slime.  Although he is sensory seeking, he likes to be able to control what input he gets.  This slime is so unpredictable he ended up shaking his hands and screaming.  It was still good for him to have the experience.  I washed his hands and he played in the beans and trucks instead.

You seriously have to try this some yucky day and let me know how it goes!  Check out the other "Boredom Busters" and try them too!  *It may take me a little while to find them all and label them...just sayin'.


Sharla said...

Sharing boredom busters is a great idea! Some of my kids would love this, but one would hate it, but I agree with you that it would still be worth exposing them to the experience.

Esther said...

We saw that on Sid the other day too! :-) Slime is up for the project of the day tomorrow at daycare. Great minds think alike!

Deb said...

We saw it on Sid the other day, too! And I was thinking that we seriously need to do it. Sounds good for snow days or a rainy Saturday if we cant wait that long. I have a feeling all 3 of mine will love it :-)

Anonymous said...

Can't locate "Boredom Busters" on the sidebar. Mom

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel would love to make slime! What fun!

CM said...

Wow, you are daring. I hate messes, but I know I need to just let them do it sometimes. Thanks for sharing, I may just have to let my boys try this! :-)

Jenilee said...

loving his michigan sweatshirt ;)

and that is a fun thing to do. we did it once. and it made a huge mess. but I should be brave and let them do it again :)