Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I do have a few pictures to post, not sure when I'll do it.  I'm working hard on Christmas presents for people, and that takes any time I do feel like sitting at the computer.  Which isn't often because it isn't really comfortable at this point!

Just waiting on baby.  Last week (37 weeks) my midwife had very positive things to say after she checked me out and really thought the baby would come any time.  Tuesday I was having lots of very painful contractions, cramping, and I was downright misreable.  Then by Friday things started feeling better.  Saw my OB on Monday and I actually went backwards.  Yep.  I was looking less like I'd be delivering anytime soon.  Baby is very happy where he/she is.  Kinda depressing.  I don't feel great.  I have zero energy.  I get contractions that hurt quite a bit and guess what?  All for nothing.

I made a paper chain from now till Dec. 18th of at least one thing a day I can do because we don't have baby yet.  Things like going to see Santa in the Park on Friday night or a special Christmas Concert I always look forward to this Sunday.  Trying to be optimistic!

My actual due date is the 13th, but tomorrow (Thursday) will be 38 weeks, 2 days-the date I delivered Rosebud.  After that it will be the longest I've ever been pregnant.  I have a great debate up on Facebook on what date people think I'll deliver and if it is a boy or a girl.  Maybe I'll make a spreadsheet.  But not now because I'm already hurting from sitting here.

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

you wait and we pray! Hang in there, he/she will be worth it all!!!
Aunt Kim

CM said...

Hang in there, just a little bit longer! My first born was 10 days late!