Monday, November 7, 2011

Bunk Beds and Halloween

Ah, a week after Halloween this mom is finally going to post some pictures.  But first things first.  Today the bunk bed is complete.  I blog about lots of milestones, and I think moving from toddler beds to big boy beds is a milestone!
 Snug got to start sleeping up top of the bunk bed when we first got home from camp back in July.  He was way too big for a toddler bed, and we found this bunk that was very stable and had stairs...too many little people around here that I didn't want falling off a ladder.  The bottom bunk wasn't assembled, just left like a loft with Little Monkey Man's toddler bed sticking out from under it.
 After I caught LMM launching himself from the top bunk to the toddler bed and then climbing back up without using the stairs, I decided it was time to build the bottom bunk and get rid of the toddler bed.  It was really hard.  I wasn't ready for him to be that big.  But I also wasn't ready for him to split his head open from the top bunk.
 And boy, was he excited to get into a big boy bed.


Ok, now to long overdue Halloween pictures.
 The kids and I got to go to a costume party the Saturday before Halloween.  Like my costume???
 I didn't take great pictures of the kids that night because I was planning on going trick-or-treating with them.
 I'll have to get Rosebud all dressed up again and get a picture for myself because these are the only three I have of her in costume  :o(  Anyway, she was a fairy princess, and sooo stinkin' cute.  I made her costume, which is my favorite part of Halloween.  I made Snug's too, but not LMM's this year.  We borrowed the Tigger costume that we had borrowed for Snug when he was three.  Tigger just really fits his personality!

Halloween I was so sick I wanted to kick the bucket, but thanks to an awesome lens from my aunt, I was able to take pictures of the kids carving pumpkins with their daddy.

 I was totally grossed out to witness Little Monkey Man eat mouthfuls of pumpkin.  I mean, I know it is edible...but ew!
 I guess what doesn't kill him makes him stronger!
 Snug had very specific ideas about how his pumpkin should look.  He still doesn't use the knife, maybe next year.
 #1 was so good.  He carved pumpkins, got on costumes, and even took pictures before they left.  It was the first time he'd been off work on Halloween since Snug was 2 months old.  We had a big family night planned, but that didn't happen.
 Rosebud didn't get dressed up for the outing.  It was really chilly and #1 had done so much.  I was too sick to care.  These pictures took forever to post because, for privacy, I had to do some photoshop work (albeit not great work) to take #1's department name off Snug's costume.
  He was so proud to be wearing "daddy's uniform".  I have to laugh that he picked the pink bucket.  I"m sure my husband was laughing...or not.
Little Monkey Man's pumpkin is on the left.  He wanted a smiley one.  Snug wanted a pumpkin that was "scary".  I was kinda surprised...then he explained it was supposed to look "scared".  I love how #1 set them so that it looks like Snug's is scared of LMM's.  So cute!

Well, another long post, but I am so busy I end up shoving all my pictures into long posts instead of posting daily.  I don't think that life is going to slow down anytime soon, do you?


Esther said...

My life sure isn't slowing down... We have those same Winnie the Pooh sheets!!!

Jenilee said...

ok - your skeleton shirt is too fun! lol and yeah for bunk beds. we have them in annalise and abby's room :)

CM said...

Oh yay, I love Snug's uniform! How cool, you did great!

The pumpkins...LOL! Love them!

Oh but your costume was the best of all! So cute!

Anonymous said...

#1... your pumpkins are cute! And so are your kids : )


The Alburger Family said...

LOVE your costume! I wish I was still prego just to wear it :-).

Love the kids costumes too. I can't get over how much LMM looks like Snug!

Hope you all are doing well. I get to see Chrissy and Mira this week!

Munir said...
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Munir said...

To save more money and space, consider getting triple Bunk beds for kids that will sleep three children. These can either be all stacked vertically to save the most space, or they can consist of a single bunk on top of a double bunk. Two share the bottom while the third has the top bunk to him/herself. Make sure the two to share the bottom are partial to this arrangement before you go for this option.