Saturday, April 21, 2012

The (not so ) Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

I have been looking forward to today for a few weeks now.  THE GREAT CLOTH DIAPER CHANGE!  Snug and I took Rosebud last year (she was the one in a diaper) and we had a great time.  The event was held at an organic garden center and tons of vendors were there for Earth Day.  There were probably at least 75 babies and their caregivers there to participate.  It poured, but we were in a green house, so no big deal. 

 This year the event was MUCH closer to home, only about fifteen minutes, as opposed to an hour.  However, we had a really hard time finding where it was as google dumped us off in an abandoned lot.  
 This event takes place all over the world, I think I read this year there were 500 locations.  Our location?  In the middle of the city in a park.  April in our neck of the woods isn't predictable.  Today's rain and 44 degrees isn't unusual.  MAN were we chilly.
 Rosebud pretty much hated the whole thing.  #1 was a really good sport about it.  He is the greatest cloth diapering dad ever.
 These trees were the warmest thing there, trust me.
 Yup, I was freezing.  My nose hasn't stopped running since we were out there.  Luckily Sweet Pea was in a sling against my body and had her warm blanket.
 This is where our event was held.  I'm dead serious.  See that "platform" with some chairs around it over to the left?  That's where we were to change our babies.  I felt bad for the girl who was running our location as I'm sure she was picturing a much different scene.
 However, with the true grit of cloth moms (and a few dads) we participated in the change!  One of the women pictured here is a friend of #1's from high school.  Cool huh?
 We had, in the end, 21 babies.  We needed 25 to qualify.  So sad.
 I was glad that Sweet Pea was dressed warmly.  She didn't even fuss!  She fusses all the time in our warm house with toys and electricity and no rain dripping on her head.  Maybe I'll move her bed to our deck!
Yeah, Rosebud was NOT feeling the love today. 
This baby was very happy.  He didn't seem to be affected by the weather either  :o)

It was too bad the weather was so icky.  It was still fun to meet with other cloth and babywearing moms.  Despite it not being what I expected this year, I'll participate again next year too!


Anonymous said...

You certainly did your part to get to 25! Love your enthusiasm for the cloth diapering!

Aunt Kim

CM said...

Oh dear, not exactly what you were expecting, huh?!? Oh well, looks like you guys made the best of it. That event sounds like it seriously needs a better organizer!