Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rosebud's Second Birthday

Rosebud turned two yesterday!  So hard to believe.   Her party went well, and in her own two year old way I hope she enjoyed it.  Sometimes she was a bundle of tears and had a hard time with all of the attention, cameras, presents, and general hub bub.
 I have a post to do about how I made the Hello Kitty pom pom, if you're doing a Hello Kitty party, it is really fun to do!  The balloons were both decoration and party favors for small guests.
 A rare smiley picture from the day.  I made her a banner to go behind her chair where she opened presents.  I used my same template from the place cards/plate decorations.
 We did a brunch, and alone with two egg bakes I made a variety of muffins, and had fruit.
 These muffins were the BEST.  I made them in both gluten free and "normal".  I can't post the recipe because I got it out of "Cooking For Isaiah" but if you have anyone in your life who can't eat wheat, it is worth buying. Tons of great recipes.
 The adults must have been getting their food because all I got was a picture of the kiddos.  We had grandmas and grandpas, and some close friends over.
 When it came to blowing out the candles, she had no trouble.  We "practiced" a bit throughout the week, but never with candles.  I'd just sing to her and then blow.  I think she got it!
I will also do a post about her cake, which my mom did a beautiful job on.  So many posts, so little time!  Happy Birthday Rosebud!   (21.4 lbs, 31 3/4")


Esther said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Rosebud, my birthday twin. :-) So glad to share a day with such a sweet girl!

CM said...

Happy Birthday to your big girl! She's so cute, looks like she had a blast! Great job with the decorations and muffins! What a good idea!