Tuesday, April 24, 2012

20 Weeks

20 weeks old seems so big!  I remember when Carrie posted Elsa's 20 week pictures and I thought "Wow!  Already?".  Well, now it is "already" with Sweet Pea.  Se was 20 weeks on Sunday.  
She sits at the table many meals with us. After her second birthday Rosebud gave up the high chair and now sits in a chair at the table.  Poor thing can hardly see over the tray, and what is there?  A shark and a dryer ball to entertain her.
 At 20 weeks she has two teeth, barely any hair, and the fastest growing finger nails ever.  She can push up on her hands and get her head and chest off the ground.  She has rolled from belly to back once!  Haven't been able to have a repeat of that, but it did happen yesterday.  We also get big belly laughs and lots of squealy screechy noises. She slept in her crib from 8:30pm until 1:30am.  Not only was that a HUGE stretch of time for her to sleep, she has only even napped in her actual crib a handful of times.
She is still pretty serious quite a bit of the time, but most of the time she is a pretty "chill" baby.  When she isn't  "chill"  (usually Sunday evenings and Mondays) WOW is she unhappy.  She is very much like LMM in that she is either ON or OFF.

She weighs in at 12 1/2 lbs and is 24 1/4"


MamaBear said...

I had to laugh when i read the beginning of your post because i said to my self "really? Already?" When i saw the title of your post in my reader. It's funny what becomes a toy after the firat couple of kids. ;)

Jenilee said...

20 weeks! time is flying by... hope you guys are doing well. :)