Friday, May 4, 2012

Bravely Going Where I Have Not Gone Before

I haven't been posting much, but the weather is BEAUTIFUL and I've been outside soaking up every moment I can.  And working on some projects.  Project #1 being Operation Declutter.  Wow.  That is SO hard for little old packrat me.

This has involved  trips to Once Upon A Child, multiple donations, and a garage sale.  Tired much?  Sadly, it hardly has made a dent in our copious amount of stuff.  I get that having six people under one roof will require quite a few items, but really it is ridiculous.  I finally have the boys' clothes under control, but the girls have so much I can't close their drawers.  That is just sick.  

Not sure our family has reached its maximum, but no more babies in the immediate future.  We'd rather not store a bunch of stuff that we're not using when someone else could be.  Also, if we don't have any more children what a waste.  The chances of the items being damaged or getting dirty/broken/etc. is just high so we're downsizing and hoping others can benefit.  

It is NOT easy to get rid of baby things.  I keep thinking "oh!  I remember when....".  #1 says "you've taken pictures of everything they've ever worn, played with, sat in,"  Yeah.  I know.  But it is still hard.  My favorite is when someone I know needs something and I can give it to them.  That makes it easier knowing someone I love will get it.  

Project #2 is being the coach.  This is giving me exercise and is also fun.  I have a team of mostly 3 and 4 year olds, a couple of five year olds.  Interesting doesn't even begin to describe it.  I am not athletic.  I am not very knowledgeable about baseball in general (men's softball...I know much more about).  However, when your team is preschoolers you just have to know more than them.  That's not too hard  :o)

Project #3 our garden.  I have a love hate relationship with gardening.  I love the food.  I love to SEE my garden looking all nice.  I don't really love pulling weeds, watering, general garden care.  

Project #4 officially starts May 21st.  I will be using flats and covers (along with Snappis and Boingos) only for a week.  That's nothing super exciting as it is how I started cloth diapering way back when.  But this is different because I will be washing them hand.  

What?  Am I crazy?  Yep.  

Dirty Diaper Laundry is doing a handwashing challenge.  There are no government programs right now that give any assistance with diapers.  Unless you have a local food bank that has diapers, you are on your own.  People are resorting to some drastic things like not changing their babies but once or twice a day or reusing disposable diapers.  That.  Is.  Disgusting.  We're doing this challenge to show another drastic alternative.  Use cloth diapers.  And we're taking out all of the excuses.

No washer?  No problem.  We will demonstrate and collect information (and share it) how to handwash diapers.  So many families in need don't have immediate access to washing machines.  

No Money?  Well, if you are buying disposables at all, then you can do this.  A dozen flat diapers typically cost between $15 and $20.  If you washed everyday, that is all you'd need.  Diaper covers that have snaps to fit a baby 8lbs-30 lbs can cost as little as $5.50 each.  You'd need 3-4.  Snappis usually come in 3 packs and cost typically $8/pack.  You can use one everyday for at least six months.  If you're keeping track, we're up to $50.  Technically you wouldn't need anything else.  You could technically diaper a baby from birth to potty training on $50.  I doubt most people diaper their kids for much less than $50 a month.  

Not interested?  Probably you won't want to read much more I post this month.  I'm declaring May my cloth diaper month.  I haven't really written much about them in awhile, and it is high time I do!  There will be a smattering of other things (Sweet Pea turns 5 months, boys' first baseball games, Sweet Pea's baby dedication) too but cloth diapers here I come!

After nearly four years of cloth diapering, I am bravely going where I have not gone before. Back to the dark ages.  Where they handwashed flats.  


Esther said...

I am so interested in your project! I cloth diapered too, and am so surprised more people don't realize the money it saves. And really, if you do things right, handwashing doesn't have to be that bad. Keep us posted!!!

Deb said...

Wow! If I was still cloth diapering, I would totally do it with you (don't get too disappointed... Tristan is down to just a few diapers a WEEK, so when we do them, it's usually over night, when I was using disposable anyways).
So good luck with this adventure! Remember to wash your hands!! Hahaha

CFMama said...

How about prefolds. Could I use them for the challenge?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that gov. programs don't include diapers. That's truly awful! I'm not a supporter of cloth diapers, but I completely understand why you are doing this. Good for you, I hope this helps a lot of Moms.

I am going to drop-off diapers this week to a local charity or church. Thank you for spreading the word about this issue. Good luck!

BTW, I always put a little Vaseline on my baby's tush before diapering and none of them ever got diaper rash. Thought someone might be interested in knowing that.