Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day & Baby Dedication

This was another special Mother's Day because it was also Sweet Pea's baby dedication.  At our church our babies are not baptized. We do that when a person is old enough to profess their faith and affirm that they believe in Jesus Christ as their personal savior having died on the cross and risen again in our place.  

 However, we feel strongly that as parents we need to publicly state that we intend to raise our child in a faith based home, that we will direct them to obey and serve God, and that we will be ready to show them how to accept Jesus as their personal savior when the time comes.  We promise to pray with and for our child daily.  
 I wanted a picture of Sweet Pea with just mommy and daddy.  That doesn't happen for our kids very often!
 Sweet Pea wore the dress that I was dedicated in as an infant.  Rosebud also wore it.  I love that I  have it to pass on to them someday, and hope that I have granddaughters dedicated in it.
 I love her expression in this picture.
 I snapped a couple of pictures of the boys all dressed up.  I'm sorry but Little Monkey Man makes me laugh.  This is one of about six that were very...candid.
We tried for a family picture too.  Hmmmm.

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Jenilee said...

that last picture just made me smile! What a precious family you have!!! congrats on her dedication. I love baby dedications!