Friday, May 11, 2012

Tie Dye Fun

I'm getting geared up for the Flats Handwashing Challenge I mentioned a few days ago.  Below are two items, training pants for Rosebud and a few flats.  I started cloth diapering using flats, snappi's and covers, so that part isn't going to be anything earth shattering (handwashing...probably will be).  
 But as I gazed at these items.  They seemed a little...well.. dull.  Several of Rosebud's training pants are pink or have little butterflies...but these are about as exciting as a woodchip on a playground.  I need her to be excited about the potty.  And I needed to be a little more excited about white flats.
 So...I bought a box of tie dye and got started.  I love tie dye.  I would probably tie dye everything I wear except I want to fit in a smidge...sometimes.
 This was the end result.  I was THRILLED!!!!
 I had the prettiest line in the neighborhood today.  Ok, I HAVE the prettiest one.  It is 11:00pm and I didn't go back out and get them yet.  Oops.  I also tie dyed a couple of old stained onesies with the leftover dye.
 These underpants are WAY more exciting, don't you think?
 These are Sweet Pea's 5 month pictures.  My friend Lindsley saw them on Facebook and offered to run them through photoshop.
I loved how they turned out, and it was so kind of her to make them look professional!

For all of our other children I got monthly pictures done at Wal-Mart (except Rosebud's 8 month ones, I did those).  For Sweet Pea I'm taking on the challenge of doing hers myself every other month.  Wish me luck!  I hope she doesn't get upset with me someday when she doesn't have the same ones everyone else does.


Jenilee said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! so bright and fun for you and for them. they look great hanging out on the line. and we've had gorgeous weather for line drying!

Esther said...