Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baseball 2012

 Both boys are playing baseball this spring.  Snug is in T-Ball.
 He has the same coaches as last year and a few of the same teammates.  One of the kids I used to babysit for is on his team too, so that is fun for him.
 He's a pretty cute little player.
 LMM is on a B-Ball (beginner ball) team.  #1 and I are his coaches.
 There is a lot of grass picking and playing in the dirt on our team.  But our players are ages 3-5 so that isn't terribly surprising.
He loves to bat more than he likes to be in the field.  
He's been running the bases at daddy's games since he could walk, but we're still working on it.

So far it has been fun to coach.  Tonight it wasn't, they were not paying attention, all playing in the dirt, and I believe #1 described it as "herding cats".  But overall, it has been fun.


Anonymous said...

It's as much fun watching the coaches try to get the kids to play as it is watching the players! Grandmommy

Making Our Life Matter said...

Had to laugh at the title of your post(found you from Mckmama). Before today, I did not know of you or your blog. Yesterday, my post title was Baseball 2012.

Too funny!