Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet Pea Does A Post

First of all, I have to show off  my free fluff!  My mommy blogs for The Cloth Diaper Whisperer about what she learns about cloth diapers...and I got all of this!  Wa-HOOOOO!

Diapers clockwise from top:  Thirstie's Duo (pocket) "Alice Brights", Thirstie's Due AIO "hoot", Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (not sure print name), KaWaii Baby Overnight "Blue Dottie", Palm Tree Diapers cover (purple), KaWaii Baby Overnight "Lime Dottie".  

And I was wrong.  My mommy just told me she did have to pay fifty seven cents for these diapers.  So technically I guess they were not free.  Just mostly free  :o)

I've been hanging out on my mommy quite a bit lately.  I love love love my new sleepy wrap (now called a Boba Baby) that she got secondhand from a friend of ours who didn't need it anymore.  Mommy and I love it so much we may not keep our Moby wrap much longer.  But we haven't decided that for sure.  Don't want to do anything crazy!

I even spend time riding around on mommy's back while she coaches my brother's baseball games.
Today we went to a big open air market in our nearby big city.  I slept most of the time snugly against my mommy, right where I love to be.  There were lots of other cloth babies there.  Mommy met a CHRISTIAN natural mommy with a booth at the market.  This nice lady gave mommy some free samples of a different tea to help her milk supply.  It is a daily struggle for my mommy.

The nice lady and my mommy have a passion to see cloth diapers in the hands of underprivledged families who can't afford disposable diapers.  My mommy's new friend is even already working with our local women's center to get that ball rolling....something my mommy has been hoping to do by doing the "Flats Handwashing Challenge" (starts Monday!).  Isn't it great how God puts people together?

Let's see.  Oh, my shirt is new.  It is hard to see on my wriggly little body, but it says that I am a "breastfeeding, co-sleeping, cloth wearing, sling riding, loved little girl.  Yep, that about sums up my life.  Cafe Press had them on sale a couple of weeks ago.  Mommy bought me a 2T because normally shirts that are silk screened like this run REALLY small-I've almost grown out of my 12 month one my Uncle Nathan made me when I was in Florida.   Guess what.  This one is an exception to that rule.  I'll be wearing it for quite some time.

I'm almost back to my normal smiley self.  I got a vaccine on Wednesday and it really hit me hard this time.  Mommy and daddy don't agree with how the AAP wants me to get shots, so they spread them W A Y out and only make me have one at a time.  It still swelled up pretty badly and hurt me for a couple of days.  You can still see the mark on my thigh.  My doctor is happy with my growth as I am staying on my curve.  I now weigh 13 # 5 oz.  My doctor also is really encouraging my mommy to get more organic produce, and change the beef we eat.  We already eat organic free range chicken and it is not easy on the grocery bill.  That was part of the reason we went to the market today, to price out some things. If anyone has a good suggestion for us, we'd love to hear it.

Well, I'm getting a little cranky, so it is time for a nap.  Night Night!

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