Friday, May 23, 2008

Funny Faces

I know I already blogged today, but that was about last weekend. I had to show the new faces Big J is making. The kids showed Big J how to make a goofy face with his fingers in his mouth, and it is so cute. The other face he's started making is this very...interesting...glare. He uses it when he really wants to emphasize what he is saying. In this picture he's saying "co" "it co" referring to his ice cream sandwich. We gave him 1/2 an ice cream sandwich for dessert tonight and he was very excited to get the "tookie". However he was a little shocked that it was cold! He would take a bite, and then announce the temperature, over and over until it was gone. (Didn't deter him from eating it you notice) We also get this look when he says "nooooo" and when he makes this throaty noise that means "yuck" as he throws away his diapers or I change E. I put the other picture in not because he's making a funny face, but I thought it was cute.

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