Thursday, May 8, 2008

Subluxation of the Radial Head

Well Big J scared us today. We went to the grocery store and when I put him in the cart he started screaming bloody murder. Usually Big J LOVES the grocery store, there are so many people to talk to and things to point at and ask for. He cried and held his wrist through the entire store. We kept trying to look at his wrist to see what was wrong, but he wouldn't let us even touch it. We promised R that if she was a big helper through the store we could eat lunch at McDonald's (that and we had a small list this week, we knew we'd have a couple extra bucks). Big J wouldn't eat with both hands, which is very strange for the kid who normally uses two hands to shovel food in, and didn't want to play in the play area. #1 took the girls and I home for naps and Big J to Children's Hospital. I guess he screamed and cried the entire time the nurses tried to get his temperature/blood pressure/x-rays but as soon as the x-ray was done, he was fine. All smiles and running around like a mad man. #1 was pretty frustrated when I talked to him because it had been this huge ordeal and Big J had made a big scene and then was being Mr. Cute not 20 minutes later, not to mention the bill he was about to receive for the visit to the ER. When the Dr. came in, she explained that the x-rays showed Big J had had a dislocated elbow. When they rotated his arm for different views in the x-ray room, they popped it back in! As soon as it was back in, he felt just fine! #1 felt much better about having taken him to the ER since something really had been wrong. Evidentaly (spelling?) when we were walking across the parking lot to the grocery store, #1 was holding Big J's hand and he didn't want to hold daddy's hand. He tried to get away and threw himself down. Right after that is when he started to scream, so we think he probably did it then. Made #1 feel horrible, but the Dr. said it is really common in kids his age. They are being held, throw a tantrum, and pull their growing joints out of socket. Well, that is just great. Isn't this parenting thing fun?


Erin Morgan said...

Jenney- I am so glad that James is ok. What a crazy thing! I've never heard of this happening, but I will pay close attention when Finn gets to be James' age. Hugs - erin

Megan said...

I am so glad James is alright. That is so scary when you don't know what is going on and taking a small child to the ER is toture. We had to take Matthew to the ER once right before he turned 2 and it was a nightmare! That is great that James arm was easily mended.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting to FB. David felt really bad about Ethan, but evidentally sometime before the 2nd Dr. came out to take a look, the elbow was right back in place. Little E was happy as a lark. Yes, this parenting thing is so much fun :) Hope you have a great week. Melanie