Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gas Price Solution

Today the gas prices went up...again! Well, I have the solution. I noticed as the kids "gassed up" their Little Tyke Coupes that for 12.5 gallons of gas, the price was $14! What a bargain. If we all switch over to small plastic cars we will be doing well! The weight limit in them is 50 lbs so we might also decrease obesity in America. Thank you toy industry for once again showing us the way. Actually, it makes me wonder what year that gas pump was originally bought. I got it for $1 at a garage sale.
I love that Big J likes the little cars. I remember when kids had the original yellow and red car growing up. I wanted one really bad. We got both of ours you see in the picture for free, which is really nice. #1 always wanted a PowerWheels. Those just don't come free from people, and I doubt I"ll find one for a decent price/condition at a garage sale. I think #1 is going to budget it in for Big J's third birthday. It kind of makes me laugh. There are all kinds of new toys out for kids and we like Big J to have the stuff we had, or wanted to have. Soon he'll be able to express his own opinion on what he'd like for birthday/Christmas and #1 and I will have to live new dreams :o).

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Megan said...

Your dog's butt looks nice. I do like a husky look. I think it is funny that Matt wants to buy James a powerwheels vehicle. That is exactly what Erik has always wanted to buy Matthew too! Unfortunately people don't give those away. We haven't gotten one yet because Matthew's b-day is in Nov and of course Christmas is in Dec so it always feels like some sort of cruel and unusual punishment to get him an outdoor toy in the winter.