Friday, May 2, 2008


Sorry, no picture today. I took my "get the pictures developed" part of April's budget and used it to get Baby J's baby album instead. CM isn't going to sell it anymore and it was the one I my camera cards are full and waiting to be developed. I"ll probably break down and delete pictures here soon so I can take more.
I wish so much that Big J would start calling me "momma" again. Day in and day out he calls me "Nenney". I know it is because that's what the Draycare kids call me, but it would be nice. When he does slip and call me "momma" I get super excited and then he looks at me like "whoa lady, get a grip". Nenney also is a whine word. If something isn't going his way, he says it over and over insistantly. It has several meanings in his vocabulary I think.
Speaking of his vocabulary, we are working on a new word. Big J says about 30 words, and even occasionally belts out a sentence, but you can't teach him a new word. If you say "say ball" or whatever he just looks at you. He will sign on command, but never speak on command. So, the new word is "drink". About 20 times a day James stands at the fridge and pulls the handle. If you don't notice right away, he starts whining "nenney? nenney?". Then the whine turns into a cry and eventually if you don't open the fridge there are tears, tantrums, and a time-out. I used to let him get by with signing "please" when he wanted in the fridge, but I wanted him to start telling me what he wanted (a drink, or just to gaze into the contents and then perhaps to stick a toy in when I'm not watching). Getting a drink is the only reason he needs to be in the fridge anyway, right? So I say "say drink". He stares at me, then the fridge. I say "say drink" and he pulls the handle "nenney?". I say "If you want a drink, I"ll open the fridge, but you have to say 'drink'." He stares at me blankly and then starts to furiously sign "please" and then if he is super motivated he signs "thank-you" also. Finally I gave up on him saying anything and taught him the sign for drink. Now I just have to get through to him that when we sign drink it means we are going to grab the cup of water pronto, and shut the door before all the cold air takes the chance to escape. I think he thinks he is the official fridge inspector. I've also learned, and don't call children's services please, that if he it taking a little too long, you can give the fridge door a little push and it closes not as nicely and is a bit he is getting better about how much time he is standing there. When left to its own devices, the door closes kinda gentle like and he doesn't seem to notice it has almost closed him in.
Softball season officially starts tomorrow morning at 8:00am. #1 has his first tournament somewhere on the other side of Columbus. Of course it is supposed to rain, so it will be a great day! Monday nights he will play Men's League, Thursday nights he will play Church League, and then 1-2 weekends a month we will travel and do tournaments with Police League. There have been rumors he is moving from first base to second. Not sure he cares one way or another, but that's the most interesting tidbit I have to share. Another significant other (not sure what to call some of the women that support the players...some are wives, but some aren't) and I are the book girls, so I'm not sure yet what I will be doing with Big J. I know sitting in the stroller won't go over too well, so I think we'll pack snacks and toys and hope he doesn't try to help the guys play. He seems to think he is part of the team at practice...he loves to watch, cheer, and pick up bats. I've already decided tomorrow's snack will be cucumber. I'm trying to get him to like those since I do, and they are very healthy. There isn't much he doesn't like, but whenever cucumber hits his plate he puts up a bit of a stink. Perhaps if they are the "treat" at softball and there aren't other options he'll quit turning his nose up at them.
That's all the news from us.

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