Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Cousin Filled Weekend

This past weekend was another whirlwind trip to Michigan for my final CILT* meeting before this summer. There is another meeting scheduled, but after this weekend I am no longer traveling more than maybe an hour from home. I had some signs of pre-term labor (did fine this weekend and today) last week and don't feel like pushing it or not being local if I need to be. I am resting A LOT and my dear husband has picked up lots of the slack I am leaving. Trust me, there is lots to take up and he is great.

While I was meeting with the girls, my aunt captured this sweet moment. I think it is one of my favorite pictures of them together. See, Snug doesn't love Little Monkey being on top of him, and Little Monkey doesn't usually like to sit for a story...but here was a priceless brother moment.
I don't believe either of these two (my cousin Melissa's youngest is on the left) were supposed to be playing with a Wii remote...but they were sharing nicely.

I must apologize for my awful red eye pictures. I really don't have a good indoor pictures camera, and I don't have any near plans to buy a new camera. I promise that Jayce (Melissa's oldest) and Snug were not in some kind of an alien movie during the reading of this story.

Even though Snug doesn't see these cousins very often he warmed right up to them and made himself at home.

Jayce is possibly one of the best puzzle-doing kid I've ever met. He just does them quickly and without hesitation. Snug is not...mathematically minded. Puzzles that don't have little pegs in them and don't fit in specific pre-painted positions are not his forte. However, Jayce inspired him. He really got interested in puzzles and tried his best. I saw huge improvement in his skills over the weekend.

And with a little teamwork...
...they got this puzzle done (several times).
Grayson and Little Monkey Man also made some masterpieces on the Magnadoodle together. It was so fun to be with cousins! Thanks Aunt Kim and Uncle "Brick" for letting us crash at your house again.
Just FYI, Snug is a little over 3 months older than Jayce. Little Monkey Man is almost exactly 2 months older than Grayson. GREAT playmates! Their mom Melissa and I are 7 months apart, and also were good friends growing up (and still are today, in case that statement would lead you to believe otherwise!).
*CILT=Campers In Leadership Training. To find out more about the camp I love and work for, go to: http://www.campcedarridge.org/


MelArcile said...

So fun!! I'm going to direct people to your blog to see pictures of the weekend since we didn't bring our camera. I did steal my parents', so hopefully I'll get some pictures up soon!

Jenilee said...

looks like you had a great time! all those cute kiddos! :) alien eyes... you are too funny. :) get some rest!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

such sweet boys!

oh man, thanks for sharing your crazy birth stories over at my place. may #3 be peaceful and quick!

keep taking care of yourself:)

Megan said...

Cute boys! How fun having kids so close in age!