Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice, Ice, Baby!

We didn't have an ice storm, but it sure looks like it around our house. We have massive icicles hanging everywhere. I think it is a testament to the condition of the roof/gutters here, but no matter, it is a rental :o)
So during the first snowstorm, the one where we only got 3 inches and I was so disappointed, I built a small snowman to put on our front porch. Between the 15 or so MORE inches we have received, and the constant dripping from the gutters, all that is recognizable as "snowman" is his stick arms.
This is what the landscaping *cough cough* looks like. All the plants weeds under the gutters are ice covered.

These icicles are easily 5 feet long. Because my snowpants no longer go on, and my winter "play" coat no longer zips, I haven't been able to be out in the snow much. Today I put on a pair of my husband's sweatpants and my good coat to get these pictures. The snow was up to my knees, and I wasn't going all the way to the ground.

These ones are not only around 6 feet long, they are also a good 6-8 inches across in places. I'm not a great photographer, so my pictures really are not doing them justice.

Today I have Draycare kids back. As their moms are teachers, their snow days are my snow days. Last week I had kids Monday and half a day on Thursday. Today is the first day I've had kids this week. If they have any more snow days, they are going to have to make up days in June...but I won't have kids in June :o) However, March's budget is going to be a bit...slim.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Eeeek. Those are some massive ice dams. Glad it's just a rental!!

All Things Family said...

you must be nice not to charge for snow days...I reality...teachers still get paid for snow days....just a thought :) Love the ice pics but I'm ready to kiss winter good bye!

Megan said...

Huge icicles!