Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tiny Visitors

Although I am missing Chester and Lucy (our dogs) during this time of transition (I have a cousin who graciously took them in while we rent) today I realized I had some little animal visitors.

After the kids eat there are often quite a few deposits of bread crumbs, noodles, cereal, and bits of whatever was for that meal left on the tablecloth. Yesterday I made #1 a coffee cake and this morning both boys managed to get more on the table/floor than in their mouths. At our old house the table cloth was taken out to the back deck, shaken, and then re-used. Our dogs do not get "people food" but do enjoy licking up crumbs and lost pieces of cereal. I figure that isn't going to hurt them. They probably got what equalled 1/4 c. of "junk" in a week's span.

I've started attempting to shake the table cloth each time at the rental house into the trash, but that hasn't been totally successful. I usually end up with more on the floor than in the trash, so I resorted (and am a little embarrassed to admit it) to shaking it on the floor and then simply sweeping. This morning I was in a hurry so I opened the front door, shook out the cloth on the front porch (which no one uses really, we go in and out the garage) and replaced the cloth on the table. I just really didn't want to deal with the mess this morning.

When I went out the front door to get #1's attention (he was doing something in the driveway) real quick, I looked down at the front porch and saw this!
Two animals enjoyed coffee cake this morning, and not a crumb was left. Being that there were both bird & cat prints...I am hoping the cat ate coffee cake for breakfast and not a birdie!!!


MONICA-LnP said...

found your blog thru CopMama and am now a follower!
very cool pics,now if you would have found feathers laying around than I would have thought uhoh for the birdie.

CFMama said...

Aww that is so cute, I also hope the cat feasted on the cake and not the bird!

Cop Mama said...

Ha ha ha!! That is too funny!

When I started reading this, I thought you were going to say you found you hate tiny visitors in your house...eeek!