Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl "Party"

As I mentioned yesterday, we don't exactly party for the Superbowl. With my husband working and two kids who have to go to bed should be in bed before isn't exactly excitement city.
My kids don't watch hardly any "regular" T.V. Snug does watch Wheel of Fortune probably 3 nights a week. Having commercials on is always entertaining. I'm not big on the media advertising to my kids, but during Wheel or Fortune the ads are pretty safe. Aspercreme, Cialis (he has NO clue), Boniva, denture cleaners, and electronic wheelchair commercials haven't seemed to increased his "gimmes" at the store :o)

Monkey Man rarely sits still for any kind of T.V. but he does enjoy watching football. He sat himself (half dressed) right in front of the T.V. to watch last night. Apparently he is watching a commercial in this picture because the person appears to have a hospital gown on...I don't remember any of the players being that seriously injured during last night's festivities.
Snug on the other hand not only watched the game, but the commercials as well. Luckily he is pretty distractable because the Doritos one with the 3 year old slapping his mother's date after he touched the bowl of chips was a "no-no" with me. I can usually just talk to him during the commercials and he doesn't pay that much attention. However, there was a funny incident last night. After Monkey Man went to bed, I told Snug he could stay up till half-time. There was a commercial for___________? and all the men at the office were in their underpants. They were making copies, doing deskwork, etc. Something about casual Fridays. Not sure. What I do remember is Snug looking at me and declaring "Thems needs to put their CLOTHES on!!!" I had to laugh. This was coming from the boy who has no qualms about running around in his birthday suit even with company here. We have been trying to teach modesty, and apparently it is sinking in.
One commercial I really appreciated was the one by Tim Tebow and his mom about supporting life. They then directed people to where you can watch the commercial if you missed it. I know CBS got lots of flak for airing the commercial from lesbian and abortion causes, but YEAH FOR YOU CBS. I guess I can forgive the underwear men and slapping preschooler.

So back to the "party". I had decided to order pizza for my husband's dinner to make him feel a but more Superbowl-y. Papa John's pizza had a deal that you could get a large any topping pizza for $10. WOW! So I got online to order at about 5:00ish. I could NOT get the website to load...and when it did and I put in my order, it would kick me back to a "cannot find the page" thing. Either I ordered a half cheese half all meats pizza 12 times, or it never went through...probably the latter. So I decided to call them. I had to dial our local branch 27 times (I went back on my cell and counted) before it even would pick up. Papa John's has this annoying policy that you have to listen to their entire commercial spiel on the phone before they even answer. I listened to it for 15 minutes and hung up. I did find out during that lovely listening experience that the $10 deal was only for people who order online (and apparently whom the website works for).

At approximately 6:00 I gave up on Papa John's and decided to go with our old stand-by. I dialed Little Ceasar's and immediately got a REAL person, ordered twice the pizza (but #1 will point out not twice the quality) for the same price and they said it would be ready in 12 minutes. Now that is customer service. But it gets better. #1 was going to pick up the pizza/had the money and he wasn't able to get it until after 7pm. Those poor people held our pizza F O R E V E R on their busiest night of the year. Thanks Little Ceasar's!

So, what did YOU do for the Superbowl?


Cop Mama said...

Thank-you, I thought the same thing about the little boy slapping his mom's date! I was actually kind of shocked when I saw it. I'm glad neither of my kiddos saw it.

Wheel of Fortune? That's too funny that Snug likes it. And girl, lol about the commercials!

Anonymous said...

Lesbian complaints? Not really seeing the connection. Must have missed that.

Jenney said...

Yes "anonymous", lesbian complaints. They were on the local news upset that the commercial was to air (earlier last week) because Focus on the Family, who the commercial directed viewers to, is not exactly on their "supporter" list. It is very sad that our country's view of life and family has been so fragmented.

Amanda said...

I LOVE little ceasars!! I havent had them forever. But YUM!! I loved the commercial, although I wish there had been more. I was expecting controversy! That Tebow family makes me so proud of being a Christian!!