Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Proof is in the Pictures

This is a book we received in a bag of hand-me-downs. This isn't our exact copy, because ours is in English and Spanish. Mono Y Yo is what it is titled in Spanish. My husband calls Little Monkey Man "Mono". And yes, we really call Snug, Snug. As he grows bigger we call him it less and less, but if you ask him who Snug is, he knows.
This fast growing toddler grows into his daddy's nickname of "Mono" more and more everyday. He will be a jungle gym champ. We're pretty sure he'll ride a tricycle before his brother (Poor Snug...riding a bike is THE most frustrating thing for him). Yesterday our Little Monkey Man was in a particularly interesting mood so I kept a camera handy to share some of his antics with you...and so when he grows up and isn't my little boy anymore I can remember just how much mischief he could get into.

Here are some couch acrobatics.

Here he is standing on a chair during our preschool session. A folding chair. I've tried putting him in his high chair and giving him things to keep him "busy" but he chucks them at the kids who are trying to work and gets great pleasure out of screeching and seeing who is bothered by it. We now just let him run around and I remove him when he gets himself into dangerous situations (ex. standing on folding chairs). Homeschool moms, how do you deal with little ones while you are teaching bigger ones????

Ah, the motorcycle. He mounts it from the front...lays on top...spins around...and then sits down to ride like the wind. It looks painful, but not as painful of posting how nice our computer desk is organized at the moment.

While playing with the vintage Little Tykes party kitchen that I picked up for next to nothing at a garage sale a couple of years ago (come on, someone else out there remembers this relic) it is very necessary to be on top of it, hang over the edge, and then stick things into the cupboard on the other side...upside down. I didn't get the upside down picture because I was afraid he would (and he did) fall off and bump his head. I was on the other side to catch him. I'm not good with catching.

This may be one of my favorites. This is a built in china hutch (1 of 2) that we are not using in the rental. Monkey Man likes to open the door, climb up/in, and take a little break.

This last picture I had to snap while he was not looking because it is a BIG no-no. Anyone want dinner at my house? I won't tell you how many things he has "sampled" from this perch without me realizing it.
And to end, I have to tell you a funny from him. We've been teaching him that things are hot for quite a few months. He particularly enjoys blowing on hot food...with gusto. The other day I was opening the oven door to take dinner out (or put it in, don't remember). I told him to "get back, it is hot". He instead took a step forward and began blowing as hard as he could into the oven. I had to laugh. And then I had to make him step back. I know I am so tired right now, but I will miss these days when they grow up.


Jenilee said...

tired now, miss it later... how true is that!! :)

Cop Mama said...

Oh how fun! Love the pics! My Monkey Boy AKA Cubbie and him would have a blast together! I actually have a pic of Cubbie inside a kitchen cabinet! I'll have to post it.

BTW, have you check out "Strider" bikes??? We bought one for Sprout. It's a pedal-less bike. It helps them to learn balance first before having to learn how to pedal. Sprout rode it all over the place last summer and got really good with his balance, so we might try a pedal bike this summer. Just FYI.

CFMama said...

What a cute little mono! I love that rocking horse motorcycle. I saw one by the same company in the shape of boats and airplanes too.

The Kampers said...

my kids only know monkeys as monos. What a little clown!

Kim M said...

While reading this post - my mind kept saying "Praise God he is so mobile and so active!" I love to see answered prayer in action.

Melissa said...

LOL looks like he keeps you on your toes! He's adorable though!