Wednesday, June 2, 2010

7 Weeks & Memorial Day

Rosebud is 7 weeks old today. She weighed in at 9 lbs, 10 oz this morning. I was a little surprised, because I thought she'd be more like 14 oz because she usually gains more than that each week, but 6 oz isn't bad. I think I am a little paranoid after all the trouble Little Monkey had. Our doctor is too, that is why he has me checking her weight every week (we have a special scale at home we bought when LMM was having trouble).

Look at her smiling! She started looking at us and smiling at about a week and a half. Not gas-truly smiling at us. It is really hard to capture on camera, but I've been successful a couple of times now.
Here is a peek into our Memorial Day activities.

We started the day at a local outdoor mall to walk around and enjoy the weather.

These two munchkins hung out with daddy...

...while this munchkin played in the fountains. He wouldn't even get close to them last year, but this year he was very excited. I wasn't very prepared, he was in jean shorts.

I tried to convince Little Monkey Man that it was fun, but he was having none of it.

No, his right arm isn't bleeding, it is a tattoo. That is a post for a different day.

Next we went to a park that is close to our house for a picnic lunch and some playground time.

Is that not the longest slide you have ever seen? It goes right down the the left hand side of the picture. We call this park "big slide park". It has a real name, but everyone here knows what you are talking about when you say "big slide park".

LMM makes his feet stay to the sides so that he goes down very S L O W. The other kids get upset that his turn takes so long and I think he likes it that way. I don't think he is concerned about going too fast, he loves to whip down out slide at home and fly off the end.

Snug loves every minute of it!

The plan was to next go to a Memorial Day service in our town, but when we arrived it was well over 80, there was no shade anywhere at the Veterans Memorial site, and two of the three needed naps-badly. It was in the early afternoon, right during our nap time. We turned around and headed home instead.

That evening it was more fun at a friend from church's house. They had a big picnic and there were tons of friends in attendance. Snug wanted to hold Rosebud after he noticed other people were getting a turn. He'll go a day or two and never ask to hold her...and then the minute someone besides mommy or daddy has her, well then it is his turn also!

Except for being called a "cute little girl" on the slip n slide, LMM also had a fun time. Post being called a "girl" I stuck his "dude" shirt on him. He was really embarrassed at being called a girl. I think because he doesn't always communicate clearly to us we forget how much he understands of what is going on around him. Actually, his speech is starting to really blossom and he is doing better each day.

There's that smile again!

And another smile (LMM's twin is in red...seriously they could be twins).
So aside from the fact that LMM got hold of picnic food and has had diarrhea ever since the party, it was a really great day!
I know it is a little late because I am SO not good at posting right after things happen, but the Drays would like to thank all of our veterans who have served our country past and present. We appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in our great country.


All Things Family For Us said...

oh sweet! That looks like an awesome park, love the water fountains, and Rosebud's little smile is PRECIOUS!

cupcakeliz said...

Aww, poor guy! He'll be telling them, 'No, Imma BOY!' so soon! lol...glad you had a nice holiday! :)