Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not Doing Any Better

I'm not doing any better at blogging. I just...haven't been good about it. I'm going to camp for 2 weeks here soon, so that won't improve anything :o)

Rosebud was 10 weeks old (really????) yesterday. She weighs 10 lbs 14 oz. I'm probably done weighing her weekly...she is certainly gaining weight nicely. She smiles ALL the time. She is gaining pretty good head control. She has been fussy the last couple of days, but she HATES traveling and we did quite a bit over the weekend...but her fussy days are like good days with most babies, so I can't complain.

Bought some gluten-free ice cream cones for Little Monkey yesterday. They have everything gluten-free...but at a price! Funny thing is, I pulled out from the store and stopped at a red light when I got a text from my mom. I do NOT text and drive, but the light had JUST turned red so I figured I had time to read it. It said "buying gluten-free ice cream cones for LMM". I called her immediately and told her not to because I had JUST (as in 30 seconds earlier) bought him some. What are the chances??????

Bought the decortations for Snug's birthday cake while shopping at Once Upon A Child for a travel swing for Rosebud. His birthday isn't until the beginning of August...but he has an unusual request for a cake theme this year. He wants a Diego cake with dragonflies and butterflies on it. Um. Ok. I found a box (unopened) that had a toy Diego, Dora, and Baby Jaguar in it. They are like 3 inches high. I can make dragonflies and butterflies. I cannot create a Diego.

LMM's birthday is Sunday. We celebrated with #1's family this past Sunday. Will celebrate with my family 4th of July weekend. I have pictures of his cupcakes but I haven't uploaded them yet. It is my goal to upload those...along with the pictures from this past weekend in Michigan ASAP.

Found this picture of LMM when he was 2 months old. He weighed 11 lbs 2 oz. This was before he started having problems gaining weight. He had trouble after we introduced solid food. I guess lots of Wheat-Gluten (Celiac too) kids don't have trouble if they are breastfed until they are introduced to "real" food. Then they drop off the charts. Once I start solid foods with Rosebud I will be weighing her weekly again.

I will post new pictures soon...


Jenilee said...

thanks for the update! hope things start getting better soon! and that your camps go well! it is hard when you are trying to fix things and establish a schedule and then everything changes for a trip like that. praying for you!

Amanda said...

I hear you about the blogging! Such a struggle lately.

But in all fairness... you do you have beautiful and precious new little life to take care of... I think thats probably the best non-blogging excuse of them all. :)