Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tonsils & Adenoids & Tubes, Oh My!

Snug had his tonsils and adenoids removed yesterday, and tubes put in his ears. He has had trouble hearing a week or so here and there-to the point if he's not looking at you he doesn't know you are talking. We didn't want that to interfere with school in the fall. He also has had fluid (not always infections) on his ears for months. His tonsils were coming out because they were HUGE and he had sleep apnea.
Snug was very excited to go to the hospital. He thought it was going to be one big vacation. He proudly marched in at 6:30 am (ugh) with his suitcase and blue bear in tow.
In the waiting area, there are video games. He also got some Peanuts coloring sheets and crayons.

Once in his pre-op room, we spent a good two hours. Nurses, the surgeon, anaesthesiologists, etc. came in and out and seemingly asked the same questions each time. By the end Snug knew how to answer. He spent some snuggle time with his sister and watched Nick Jr on TV. We don't have cable, and his TV is typically limited to 30 min. a day-if any, so he was thrilled.

Our pastor came and prayed with us and talked for awhile which I thought was so nice. Once in his hospital gown, Snug then got some Valium and Tylenol3 which made him very...happy.? He kinda acted drunk. Once it all kicked in, they took him to surgery.

We were asked to wait in the pre-op room until the surgery was over (about 30 min.) and we had talked to the doctor. Dr. B said he had huge adenoids as well as huge tonsils. Everything went well except they had to drain a bunch of pus out of his left ear. Apparently he had a big ear infection.

This is how Rosebud was transferred around for the day. No siblings were supposed to be there, but I got permission to bring her as long as I didn't have a stroller. They don't want extra noise and junk around, but she wasn't noisy and we only had her sling and a diaper bag.

Post surgery we met Snug in his room. He was having trouble with his O2 levels, but refused oxygen in the recovery room. They gave him a party blower to take deep breaths and blow. It worked. Our children's hospital is good like that-everything is super kid-friendly.

Snug got a Diego balloon from Rosebud and Little Monkey and a Woody "doll" from us. He loves all things Toy Story right now. He woke up in a great mood and wanted to run around. It was very hard to keep him in bed. Slushies and TV helped. They were amazed at how fast he drank 4 oz of apple juice and immediately wanted a popsicle and TV. We told them he never drinks juice, rarely gets things like popsicles, and very limited TV...he had been informed all of those things would be available at the hospital. He was right!
The good mood and happiness wore off about 6pm. He finally started to act like he had had surgery and it was a very long night for daddy who stayed with him. Today he is quite unhappy with everything but won't stay down...because he "isn't tired".
Thank you so much for your prayers. I"ll let you know how he progresses


mrs. fuzz said...

So glad this had a good outcome! I love the pic of you and the baby girl! So cute.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is still going well. I will call later in the week. AB

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is still going well, I will call later in the week. AB

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I said my piece twice!!!

The Alburger Family said...

Glad he is doing well. (Love your new hair cut by the way!)

cupcakeliz said...

Glad he's doing better and at home! :) I LOVE the pic of Rosebud and her daddy...just a little glimpse of all the mischief she's gonna get into! ;) lol..You look absolutely fabulous for having had a baby so recently! :)