Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I ♥ ...

...Cloth Diapers

We're getting ready to go to camp. I'm packing like crazy. The kids and I will be gone for three weeks. I won't be blogging :o)

On the list of things to pack...3 weeks of disposable diapers for two children.

Sticker shock.

We're not using cloth for those three weeks because
1. using other people's washing machines has proved to make our diapers leak and stinky, even after using our Charlie's in a load before hand. (When regular detergent or fabric softener is used on cloth diapers that have PUL it makes them leak, even being washed in machines that routinely use those products can ruin them. I can strip the diapers and usually restore them, but it is hours of work.)

2. When I am at camp I have to wait till the weekend to do laundry at a laundromat. I don't have enough cloth to diaper for a whole week without washing.
Here is a portion of Little Monkey's diapers.
And here is a portion of Rosebud's. They are saving us BIG bucks. We've bought some of the disposables we are going to use-having trouble finding Rosebud's size at a price I'll pay. Even buying generic cheap-o diapers it is going to cost around $75 for three weeks. SOOO glad we switched to cloth. Considering cloth? Go for it!


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I was just looking at cloth pullups the other day. With training Emma, it's costing even more $$ than diapers! We've finally started just wearing regular undies with diaper covers on the top. Hopefully that will save some on the pullups. Think of spending that $75 all the time! Can't imagine it.

All Things Family For Us said...

have you tried target? I use their diapers for the boys and they are definitely the cheapest I've found...5 cheaper than costco per costco sized box...

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to switch to cloth with our last, but my hubby was a lil reluctant to try...until I showed him how easy it'll be for us once we find the right brand of diaper....but now our youngest has decided to potty train-which is great-but we'll now be waiting impatiently to get our fluff for when we get pregnant again..lol...hopefully we can start stocking up before the year is over... ;)

We have used 'sposies for both girls, I HATE looking at the cost of them compared to what we would have spent on cloth...we used to buy name brand for when they were newborns then by size 3 we'd switch to luvs..which was fine for our first..our youngest has sensitive skin, so we had to go with something unscented....which led us to meijer brand diapers...SOO much cheaper than national brands! If you haven't opened the ones you bought, I HIGHLY recommend the meijer ones b/c they're really good absorbers-we've never had one leak that wasn't our fault, they're cute, and affordable at $16/82 diapers and they'd last a month for us since 18months...and if you're buying disposable wipes, I buy Walmart's blue pack (a box of 4 packs of 80 is $6.46) for sensitive skin...they're great...they're made of cotton, and don't irritate skin like other sensitive wipes. :D

Have a great time at camp (I know you will!)! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you can use size 4's, let me know if you have time and want to try them before camp! I can mail you some! :)
E-mail me or toss me a line on Facebook@ Liz Weldy :)

CM said...

I always wanted to switch, but never did. Now, with Cubbie being two, I think we'll just try to get him potty trained sooner than we did Spout! (Let's hope!)

I hope you have a good trip, sounds like fun! Three weeks, wow!

Bethany said...

Holy cats! How is that even possible?! I mean, we are only diapering one, but we only spend $25 a month...and we buy Pampers brand!