Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bits And Pieces

I technically have had time to blog in the last week. We are finally falling into a routine. I'm keeping the house...well...sanitary and we kinda have a schedule. This is due in part to the fact that my mom was around helping us out and visiting with us. It is also due to the fact that Rosebud is now 9 weeks old! She weighed 11 lbs at her 2 month checkup, but they weighed her with a full diaper and clothes on. Not the way I'd do it, but oh well. I weighed her on our digital baby scale (the one I weigh her on weekly) and she was 10 lbs 8 oz.
But instead of blogging I've been trying to spend lots of time with the kids. When Snug prayed "Thank you God for this food so we can eat...and help mommy to stop yelling at 'Little Monkey'." And when Snug told daddy to "just yell at it" when the chainsaw wouldn't start...well we decided we'd better work on the not yelling. I'm reading a couple of books, he's got accountability in some friends. We're trying. We are so not perfect parents.
Rosebud is modeling her new bathing suit. I'm not quite sure why they sell bathing suits for little babies. I bought it so I guess I am the reason that they sell them :o) This one is size 3-6 mos. I think it she may grow out of it before 3 months!!!

She actually was quite happy to look at the grass, don't worry. This picture looks more torturous than it is. I just wanted to remember how cute the back was too.

Rosebud spends much of her day lounging about in the backyard.

And she smiles all the time. She is such a blessing.

Little Monkey Man keeps himself busy with his water table...and anything else he can get his hands on in the backyard. He usually doesn't play with toys. Here he is using the watering can we use for our deck railing garden. Oh well.

We also get to as many of #1's softball games as we can. He plays at least two times a week.

I just had to post this picture. He cracks me up. Some days his speech seems like it is really coming along. Some days all I can get is pointing and grunting and screaming. I know there is so much in that little head of his. He understands SO much and he is really smart. He just has a hard time telling us what he knows.

Snug has recovered nicely from his surgery. Here he is entertaining Rosebud during her mandatory tummy time (not her favorite). Keeping him "quiet and still" was no easy feat. This toy I picked up at a garage sale last year helped.

Snug just loves his sister. Sometimes too hard, but he truly tries. He is constantly in her face kissing her and talking to her.

Another activity this week was putting in the clothesline. My dad built the poles and #1 and I put them in.

Snug is very proud of the job "he and daddy did". Snug sprayed the hose for daddy. And on daddy.

I am just so happy to have my diapers out sunning themselves. I never like how stiff my inserts, doublers, and AIOs are after a day outside though. My pocket diapers and covers are always ok. I found the solution. About 10 minutes before another load of clothes is done, I quick stick all the "stiff" diaper pieces in the dryer and then they are not only sunned and smelling nice, they are also back to their normal soft selves. Problem solved!


Momma Hen said...

Your babies are so sweet! Love all the pictures!!

Amanda said...

The house looks great! And girl, I am right where you are when it comes to parenting and blogging. I just about gave up a few days ago... now I am thinking I cam keep at it if I post MUCH less often. And parent MUCH more. :)

Be blessed! (and encouraged)


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Great clothesline!!! We just had to put a new one in because my old one rotted in the ground. Nothing better than clothes dried on the line. And great solution for the "crispy" diapers! I never thought of that.

(And just to make you feel better, you're not the only yelly mom out there. I'm trying to get better at it too, especially for the fact that my kids yell all the time now too. So we'll work on it together.)

Deb said...

Once upon a time, I was determined to be a quiet parent and not yell. Yeah. right. I'm working on it too- the plan is far better than the reality here.
I am going to show Jesse your clothes line. We are going to have to put a new one in when we move (there is one but it's too shaded) and I really like yours. :)
And I know I told you- but that baby girl of yours and that little bathing suit... SO ADORABLE!!! I had some TINY little swim trunk for Alex his first summer... Tristan was way too big to even think about them for him... anyways- he wore them for their intended purposed one time and did NOT love it. haha. But he was like 4 weeks old. Tiny bathing suits are fun! they are like tiny shoes- there is really no point except to be cute!

Kim M said...

Cannot wait to meet your little girl this weekend!!!!

Aunt Kim

Cop Mama said...

AWWW, beautiful pics of Rosebud...and the rest of the family too! What a great baby fix! Very dangerous, my friend, VERY dangerous for me ;-)

Yes, I'm back...well sort of. Anywho...glad to see you guys are doing well!

Jenilee said...

her swim suit is so sweet! and I love your clothes line! all the precious baby clothes and diapers. :) looks like they had fun building it!

CM said...

I'm stopping by to test out my new blog profile...oh, and to get my baby fix too!

Rebecca said...

oh a schedule! I'm so jealous, my little guy is 4 month and I still don't have a schedule. Loved the prayer LOL super cute and go mama with your clothesline! I love mine ~ well when I get to using it. As of late it's been hard to get the kids outside in the heat so I can clip up the clothes. They always smell so great when they come off the line!

suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

lovely kids, lovely summer:)