Sunday, December 18, 2011

2 Weeks

 Sweet Pea is two weeks old today.  This picture was taken yesterday, but I don't think it matters that much.  She weighs 6 lbs 11 oz so she has gone past her birth weight-weighs now what Rosebud did at birth.  She also has her first cold, thanks to her big sister.  Daddy also has it, and is returning to work tonight feeling quite yucky.  With Sweet Pea sick neither of us is getting much sleep.
 I took a picture of her sleeping in her crib.  She only naps there and only sometimes as Rosebud can't be left alone with her.  She not only shares her germs, but her books and dollies and anything else that isn't nailed down.  She shares it right into the crib with Sweet Pea.
 I took a similar picture of Snug when he was a few days old in his crib (same crib, just it was his at the time).
And also one of Little Monkey Man (known on the blog as Baby J back then).  I also took one of Rosebud, I KNOW I did...but I can't find it.  She was wrapped in a pink blanket.

Anyway, none of them can deny each other as siblings.  Other than three with cold and three waiting to GET that cold...we are doing pretty good.  Life with four kids is very hectic right now but we are so blessed to have these kiddos and we thank God daily for them.  I'm hoping the boys settle down some after Christmas, they are both very wild.  We'll see!


Jenilee said...

ok, those last two pictures are just adorable. :) I love when they stretch their head back like that! sorry she is sick. we are still kinda sniffly over here too... crazy winter time! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the similar pics!!!!So excited you get to spend Christmas as a family of 6!!!!!

CM said...

Oh so adorable!

Yes, I got crazy wild boys here too! I think it's because they are getting stir crazy at school and we can't get outside as much as we did in the summer!